Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019

17 May 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss Universe Thailand 2019 is all set to crown its new queen as the finale of the 20th edition will be held on 29th June 2019 where sixty gorgeous beauties will compete for the national crown and the opportunity to represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2019.

This year’s edition will be the first one not held under the leadership of Surang Prampree who was the President for 19 years. Somchai Cheewasutthanon, Piyaporn Sankosik and Narong Lertkitsiri now chair the organization.

While the contestants are yet to be announced as the search is still ongoing, we have curated our list of the potential delegates who we think should join this year’s edition and surely have the capability of winning the national title. So, without further ado, here is our wishlist for the 20th edition of Miss Universe Thailand 2019 -

‘Fahsai’ Paweensuda Drouin

Paweensuda Drouin (Full Name - Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin and Nickname - Fahsai) is a 25-year-old gorgeous Thai diva who has won plenty of accolades in pageantry and has even represented her country at an international beauty pageant earlier.

She was adjudged second runner-up at Miss Thailand Chinese Cosmos 2013, and first Runner-up in Miss Thailand 2013. Later in 2017 she competed in Miss Universe Thailand 2017 and was placed second runner-up at the finale, which was won by Maria Lynn Ehren. She was later crowned Miss Thailand Earth 2017, and successfully represented Thailand in Miss Earth 2017 held in the Philippines having secured Top 8 placement in the finale.

Fahsai has graduated with the highest Latin honor - Summa Cum Laude distinction at the University of Calgary in Canada where she took her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology.

She definitely has strong potential and tremendous experience participating in beauty pageants, and she did come close to winning the contest in 2017 when she lost to another deserving Thai beauty Maria Ehren even though she was considered to be a strong candidate by many.


Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


Vena Praveenar Singh

Another candidate who definitely looks promising and should return to Miss Universe Thailand 2019 is the 23-year-old Indo-Thai beauty Vena Praveenar Singh. Vena competed in Miss Universe Thailand 2018 and despite being one of the strongest candidates in the competition, just could not win the crown. She finished as the second runner-up to the winner Sophida Kanchanarin.

Vena wowed everyone in the audience with her stellar performance in Miss Universe Thailand 2018. Whether it was the preliminary swimsuit round or the long gown competition, the diva impressed everyone with her impeccable walking style, abundant confidence and contagious charms. The gorgeous diva who stands tall with an incredible height of 178 cm swiftly moved her spot in the list of Top 10 finalists and as the coronation ceremony approached, she was conferred with the title of the second runner-up.

The fact that Miss Universe Thailand was her first ever pageant participation in which she bagged the title of second runner-up is extremely impressive! There should not be any reason as to why this talented diva should not try to compete again.

The gorgeous beauty is a Thai citizen of Indian descent with a talent of speaking three languages which are English, Russian along with her native tongue Thai. The mesmerising beauty has graduated from Thammasat University. She strongly believes in the concept of equality and that people of all races can peacefully co-exist with each other in this world. The diva is very articulate in her speech and gave a reasoned answer to tricky questions that came her way during the pageant.


Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


‘Lena’ Helena Busch

Another pretty face seen in Thailand pageant circles is that of 23-year-old Helena Busch (Nickname Lena). She was seen in a provincial pageant Miss Grand Phuket 2018 and was the second runner-up and also in the national pageant Miss Thailand World 2018 in which she also ended up being the second runner-up to Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan.

She was one of the favourites to win the title of Miss Thailand World 2018 and performed exceedingly well at the finale narrowly missing the title to another strong contender Nicolene. She definitely has a very pretty face and sharp features, and given the modelling experience she has catwalk and stage presentation are definitely no issues. She sure should vie for the crown of Miss Universe Thailand 2019.


Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


‘Bow’ Supaporn Ritthipreuk

Supaporn Ritthipreuk (Nickname - Bow) is yet another splendid beauty to has appeared in Thailand beauty pageant scene. This beauty competed in Miss Universe Thailand 2017 at a young age of 20, and with her charm, beauty, grace and attitude, impressed the audience and the jury to claim the number two spot in the finale of the national pageant. Now 22, Bow stands tall at an astonishing height of 178 cm and she should definitely make a comeback to Miss Universe Thailand this year.



Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


‘Bow’ Supatra Kiatjarungphan

Supatra Kiatjarungphan is a 25-year-old gorgeous beauty with an impressive height of 176 cm. This is another candidate whom we would like to see in action in Miss Universe Thailand 2019. Nicknamed Bow, she was one of our favourite candidates to win Miss Universe Thailand 2018, when she competed last year. She made it to the Top 10 finalists but could not go further to win the crown. She has earlier also participated in Thai Supermodel Contest 2013 and surely has enough runway experience. A charming face with a beautiful smile, backed up by good modelling and pageantry experience can surely be an advantage for her in this year’s competition.



Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


‘Fern’ Kanyaphatsaporn Rungruang

Kanyaphatsaporn Rungruang, nicknamed Fern, is another 22-year-old gorgeous Thai diva with an impressive height of 172 cm. One of the best faces to compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2017, she ended amongst the Top 10 finalists besides securing the special award for Miss Photogenic at the finale. She was also one of our favourites to win the crown and her performance was fairly impressive at the finale, with special mention of her evening gown presentation.

Having gained prior experience of competing in the national finale, she sure should return for this year’s edition of Miss Universe Thailand.



Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


Nattanicha Boonpong

Natthanicha Boonpong, a 23-year-old diva who stands tall at 172 cm, is yet another extremely pretty face with a mesmerising smile and absolutely perfcet , who should make a comeback to pageantry and compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019. At the young age of 22, she competed in Miss Thailand World 2018 and was one of our favourites to win the title. She ended up securing a Top 6 placement at the finale, besides winning the special award for ‘Best in Swimsuit    .


Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


Krongthong Chantarasompoch

Krongthong Chantarasompoch, a 22-year-old diva stands 170 cm tall and is another contestant on our watchlist to compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019. She is not new to the pageant world as she previously competed in Miss Universe Thailand 2017 and with her stellar performance placed in the Top 10. With all her previous experience and gorgeous looks, this Thai beauty could be a strong competition for the crown.



Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019


Manita Farmer

The 22-year-old Manita Farmer wowed everyone with her looks and her talent at Miss World Thailand 2018 competition. She represented Phuket at the national competition and placed in the Top 12, giving an incredible performance. Since then, everyone in the pageantry circuit is waiting for her to join another competition and represent Thailand at an international platform. She is a consultant by profession and has completed her graduation in Communication Arts from Bangkok University International College (BUIC). Before her stint in Miss Thailand World 2018, Manita has also participated in Miss Grand Thailand 2017. The gorgeous Thai diva will for sure be a force to be reckoned with if she decides to participate.


Thai divas who should compete in Miss Universe Thailand 2019

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