Cheraim Chayatanus to opt out of Miss Universe Thailand 2020?

29 Sep 2020 | Angelique Reyes

The organization of Miss Universe Thailand is all set to host the coronation night of Miss Universe Thailand 2020 on 10th October 2020 where stunning beauties from all over the country will compete for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Thailand in Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Thailand 2019 Paweensuda Drouin will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

The organization had announced the top 30 finalists who will be compete for the national crown and has been organizing pre-pageant activities for the divas with necessary precautions due to covid-19 scare. But recently a beauty queen came under the spotlight after the manager of Miss Universe Thailand favourite Chayathanus Cheraim Saradatta was found to be doubling up as an employee of the organising company. The news was uncovered when a phone number on Chayathanus’ Instagram account turned out to be that of her manager, who was also working for organisers TPN 2018.



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This revelation has led to the spark of comments and criticism that Chayathanus was taking some unfair advantage which goes against the rules and regulations of the organization. On the matter, Piyaporn Sankosik, executive director of TPN 2018 has given a statement “We give Cheraim a chance to quit on her own. If she leaves now, she will have a chance to run again next year. This is not a heartless decision, but I must maintain rules for credibility. If she is exempted, how will I answer the other 29 contestants?”

She is considered as one of the strongest contenders for the title not only because she is beautiful but also because of her beliefs. The diva has always used her social media account to empower and encourage people especially young women to follow their dreams and ambitions in life just like her. She believes that until and unless one works hard and focuses on their dreams and goals, they will never be able to achieve them.



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Some of the fans and followers of the queen have said that Chayathanus ‘Cheraim’ Saradatta could become Thailand’s president if she and her team could achieve the goal of introducing changes in the country. On the other hand, some people have protested that if someone from her team has done something against the rules and regulations without her consent then it’s not her fault and the issue should have been cleared up from the source rather than asking her to opt or resign.

Chayathanus Cheraim Saradatta held a press conference today where she spoke about the controversy and confessed that she and Mr Bank are friends because she is a professional model and he is the manager of many celebrities in Thailand. The diva specifically mentioned that she has not signed any contract with him nor Mr Bank has signed any contract with Miss Universe Thailand organization.

Cheriam also clarified that she has not received any special help from Mr. Bank throughout the competition and she has the right to stay in the competition and fight for the title fairly. She mentioned, “Please do not take that right away from me. I do not mind if you do not give me the crown but I want to compete in the final night with my friends.” Cheraim wants to continue her journey in Miss Universe Thailand and her lawyer has stated that the National Director must be more professional while taking any decision because Cheraim doesn't have any family support and she has been living by herself and working as model to support her life.