Nita Aksornwan and Nicolene Limsnukan win Golden Tiara to advance to Top 30 of Miss Universe Thailand 2022

04 Jul 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss Universe Thailand organization hosted the Keyword challenge for the 2022 edition of the pageant yesterday, where the top 30 was chosen based on the challenge and audition. During the event, Nita Aksornwan and Nicolene Limsnukan were announced as the winners of the ‘Golden Tiara’ as they advanced directly into the top 30 finalists.

Nicolene’s keyword was ‘Media Literacy’, for which the diva spoke, “Media literacy is very important. Not only we need to be careful of what we read. We must know how to critically analyze all media. Therefore when we read the media when we read the newspapers or read articles. We must understand what we are reading and sources of informations. That is the most important.”



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She further added, “In order for us to get the correct informations, in order to learn and educate other as well. Not only do we need to be vigilant when we use the media. But we still need to know including analyzing when we consume media. Therefore, when we receive messages from the media. Whether it's a newspaper or an article or any other way, we should understand and know the source of that information. And this is the most important thing. So that we can know the correct information in order to be forwarded Educate and educate others as well.”

On the other hand, Nita’s keyword was ‘Equality’. The diva went ahead to share, “We always talk about equality but sadly not everyone have the same access and the same equality in our community. I am standing here today for same equality for same sex marriage, for education and healthcare for everyone. I believe our community if we have equality.”



It is interesting to note that, the last three Miss Universe Thailand winners had all won the ‘Golden Tiara’ during their respective keyword competitions and Nicolene and Nita are both definitely strong contenders for the national title. The organization also officially sashed the top 30 delegates at the Sash Ceremony held at True Digital Park. Miss Universe Thailand 2022 will be held on 30th July 2022 where Miss Universe Thailand 2021 Anchilee Scott-Kemmis will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.