Miss Turkey 2018 Meet the Contestants

20 Sep 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Turkey 2018 is all set to host its grand coronation night on 24th September 2018 where twenty gorgeous ladies will compete for the national title and the opportunity to represent Turkey in Miss Universe 2018. Pinar Tartan, who represented Turkey in Miss Universe 2017, will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.

As the beautiful ladies train to compete in the national pageant to be held within a few days, the competition is definitely going to be stiff with each and every diva giving her very best. Without further ado, here are the twenty gorgeous ladies competing for the title of Miss Turkey 2018 –

Sevval Sahin

Deren Ertas

Sena Yagmur Çelik


Miss Turkey 2018 Meet the Contestants


Göksü Oral

Cansu Erdönmez

Bilge Ulug

Yasemin Askin

Gülsüm Ilayda Özülke

Aylin Sabrina White

Roda Irmak Kalkan

Çiçek Arsu

Beray Kocabas

Dilara Yilmaz


Miss Turkey 2018 Meet the Contestants


Isil Coskun

Tara Madelein De Vries

Meltem Kirbas

Tuna Salon

Buse Akar

Lale Zuzanna Onuk

Damla Özdemir

Last year, Miss Turkey Universe 2017 Asli Sümen was replaced by Miss Turkey Supranational 2017 Pinar Tartan by Can Sandikcioglu, the national director of Miss Turkey pageant. Miss Turkey World 2017 Itir Esen was dethroned hours after her crowning because of a tweet about the attempted Turkish coup d'état of 2016. Sümen was sent to the Miss World 2017 pageant, while Tartan was sent to Miss Universe 2017.