Miss World Turkey 2017 Itır Esen crowned yesterday, dethroned today!

22 Sep 2017 | Angelopedia

Crowned yesterday, dethroned today!  

Another shocking event in the history of beauty pageants!

Itir Esen, who won Miss Turkey 2017 last night and was crowned Miss World Turkey 2017, was stripped off her title less than a day after crowning. And the reason was a controversial tweet by her.


Itir Esen Miss Turkey 2017 dethroned due to controversial tweet


The Miss Turkey organization dethroned her over a social media posting that was deemed insulting to the memory of the 250 people killed while opposing last year’s failed military coup. The tweet was investigated to be found from her account and was found "unacceptable" by the organizers.

 “We are sad to announce that we have reached the conclusion that the tweet was posted by Itir Esen. It is not possible for the Miss Turkey Organization, whose aim is to promote Turkey worldwide and to contribute to its image, to accept such a posting", the organizers of Miss Turkey said they announced her dethronement. The organizers claimed that the tweet came to their attention after the competition and that it took them “hours” to determine that it came from her.

Well, though it remains a debatable issue whether political views of a beauty pageant contestant should influence her representing or winning a beauty pageant, the fact is that Etir will no longer compete in Miss World 2017.

As a result of her dethronement, now Miss Turkey 2017 representatives for international pageants will be -

Asli Sümen is now the new Miss World Turkey 2017 and she will represent Turkey in Miss World 2017 instead of Miss Universe 2017.

Pinar Tartan is now the new Miss Universe Turkey 2017 and she will represent Turkey in Miss Universe 2017 instead of Miss Supranational 2017.

Yasemin Çoklar now becomes the new Miss Supranational Turkey 2017 and she will represent Turkey in Miss Supranational 2017.