Miss Universe Vietnam 2020 Khanh Van urges victims of sexual harassment to break the silence

03 Jul 2020 | Camilla Suarez

Nguyen Tran Khánh Van was crowned Miss Universe Vietnam 2020 on 7th December 2019 at Crown Center in Nha Trang, Khánh Hòa, Vietnam. She will now represent Vietnam at Miss Universe 2020 stage. She is considered as one of the strongest contenders for the title of Miss Universe 2020.

Recently, Khanh shared a series of pictures on her social media account urging the victims of sexual assault or harassment to speak up and break their silence. She stated that according to the research and reports conducted by the iSEE Institute, 90.4% of the victims of sexual assault or harassment are dealing with mental illness like depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem that no one knows about. She explained that something like a sexual harassment or assault is engraved into the victims’ mind to a point that it creates an indelible psychological obsession, the fear of loneliness, fear of raising one's voice in them and the probability of them being shunned and scorned by surrounding people is always a matter of concern. It is the fear of being obscured that has obligated the victims of QRF on the road to exposing the crime and exposing the truth.



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Khanh also shared that about 58.4% of the victims do not speak up and keep their wounds to themselves and tend to blame oneself for the things that happen to them which isn’t right. They do this because the society refuses to believe their story and victim-blaming is something that the legit victim doesn’t need. She explained that it’s a shame that the mentality of the society forces the victim to keep silent and not expose the one who commits such heinous crime. She urged everyone to start thinking better and listening better as this attitude will help the victims of sexual harassment or assault to feel comfortable and safe in an environment which will eventually assure them that they can speak up. As a society we all should understand the need for understanding, the need for help from the people around.

The diva went onto give some more statistics related to Vietnam; a survey conducted in 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, recorded up to 67% of passers-by did not respond to helping victims of QRF. It is at times when the victim is asking for the most help, what they receive is just indifference, indifference and even criticism from those around them. The diva explained that this attitude and mindset must change if we all want to live in a better world and create a safe environment for our future generation.



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Khanh mentioned that the incident is so engraved into the victims’ mind that they quit their job that they love, they cover their houses, they loose faith in oneself and always feel like they want to be alone because they can’t trust the society for their safety. They are afraid, afraid to share their stories, they receive those words "heartless".  She further mentioned that no one deserves treatment like this and no one should treat someone like this and when people are ready to sympathize with the homeless, shed tears before the macro events of 2020, why not be willing to spread their arms to help victims of QRF?

The diva lastly mentioned that people who have dealt with a sexual assault or harassment should not feel alone because they are not alone. There are willing to help them, listen to them and belie them. One thing that they must do is to come out and speak up about the traumatic experience so that it shouldn’t happen with someone else. Don't rush to isolate yourself after the traumatic losses because you deserve to be loved more than ever. Get out of your comfort zone and SAY TO CHANGE.



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Miss Universe Vietnam 2020 Khanh Van and Dustin Phuc Nguyen hope to convey a positive message to the viewers, sharing deep sympathy to the victims of QRTD. She hopes and wishes that with her message, somebody will find courage and comfort in coming out and breaking their silence. Sexual harassment has long been a problem in society, but only in the 21st century did people have more access to mass media and a more multi-dimensional perspective on the issue. Sexual harassment (QRTD) is extremely painful today.  

With using her voice and platform to convey such a powerful yet essential message out to the people, Khanh Van has received appreciation across the world. She is considered as one of the strongest contender for the title of Miss Universe 2020 and with her step like this, she is surely one of the favourites.