Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 introduces new format ‘Vinawoman’

07 Mar 2022 | Angelique Reyes

The Miss Universe Vietnam organization has officially launched the new format for the national competition this year with a brand new look. “NEW LOOK - NEW JOURNEY. With a brand new logo, Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 will bring the best to you. Let's follow us on the next journey!” the organization shared.

Miss Universe Vietnam 2022 has been officially launched with the subject and motto ‘Vinawoman - Vietnam's Bravery,’ which was inspired by millions of Vietnamese women who have been constantly striving to conquer their lives in the modern era.

The organization feels, “Every girl in the universe is a superhero of the new era, who will set a mission for herself and use that as a power to inspire the community." The event will include inspiring stories about Vietnamese women who are willing to face and conquer obstacles, revealing "hidden strengths" and accomplishing "extraordinary things."



Miss Universe Vietnam is increasingly aiming for criteria similar to Miss Universe, not only looking for girls with appearance beauty, intelligence, bravery, and inspiration, but also with the ability to popularize the image of Viet Nam closer to the world through language, communication, and behavior, according to Trn Vit Bo Hoàng, Deputy Director of the Organizing Board.

“As Miss Universe Vietnam only has about four to six months to prepare for Miss Universe 2022, we will be especially strict in choosing the winner for this year's contest. That's why we are determined to organize the event with many new points, new activities, and categories in a dramatic and attractive reality TV format,” he added.

The competition's new points were also declared by the board this year. Following the preliminary process, the Top 70 candidates will congregate in Ho Chi Minh City for a month to participate in companion activities and record for reality TV shows entitled 'Tôi là Hoa Hu Hoàn V Vit Nam' (I am Miss Universe Vietnam).

In each episode, the ten candidates with the lowest scores at the end of each round will be eliminated, with five remaining. Communication, behaviour, and English will be the focus of this round. To advance, the contestants must put up all of their efforts in order to present themselves in the best light possible.

The Top 40 contestants will advance to the semi-final and final stages after completing the reality TV challenge. Catch Your Chance, Wear Your Sash, Walk Your Way, Raise Your Voice, Share Your Hands, Lead Your Generation, Own Your Stage, Shine Your Light, and Be a Vinawoman are among the nine episodes of the reality TV show that will air on the national TV channel in mid-April 2022.

Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen Miss Universe Vietnam 2021 will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. Last year, at Miss Universe 2021, Kim Duyen gave a stellar performance and placed in Top 16 with popular vote. In recent Miss Universe competitions, Vietnam has consistently performed well.