Miss Universe calling for Lương Thuỳ Linh?

03 Oct 2020 | Ana Walia

The organization of Miss Universe Vietnam has sent a few of the most remarkable delegates to Miss Universe stage who have not only performed exceedingly well at the competition but have also managed to secure top positions and make their country proud by marking their standing at the beauty pageant world. One of the delegates Luong Thuy Linh has caught our attention as she seems like a potential candidate to represent the country at Miss Universe stage in future and might even win the crown.

Born and raised in Cao Bang, Vietnam; Luong is 20-years-old and stands 178 cm tall and is a student of Foreign Trade University. She aspires to one day become a business woman and work in the fashion industry. She speaks fluent Vietnamese and English lanaguge and is very intelligent when it comes to her academics.



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Luong is not new to the world of beauty pageant as she has represented Vietnam at Miss World 2019 in London, United Kingdom and was placed at the Top 12 at the end of the event finale. She was highly appreciated for her strong performance throughout the competition. She is a strong, opinionated, and focused woman who not only aspires to represent Vietnam at Miss Universe stage but also wants to use the platform given to her after she was crowned Miss World Vietnam 2019 to give back to society. In her introduction video she shot for Miss World 2019 competition, she explained that she is very proud of her community and would like to bring the attention it needs.

The diva who strongly believes that beauty, humanity, and knowledge not only make a person a better human being but also helps in connecting individuals with other and makes the entire world a better place to live. She had explained her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project as building roads and connecting dreams with an aim of creating proper roads for the people living in the remote mountainous areas. The diva wishes that with the idea of building roads would help her hometown with better connectivity which would eventually lead to easy access of education, health care and amenities. The diva has been continuously raising funds to help the people of her hometown.



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Luong has worked very hard to be on the top and achieve her dreams and after her strong and impactful performance at Miss World 2019, she seems like a potential candidate to represent Vietnam at Miss Universe stage in future. She is beautiful, strong, and determined to mark her standing at the beauty pageant world. She recently appeared as an ambassador for the Wear Hats for Children campaign where she advocated the parents about wearing helmets. She also has a page on social media ‘Potato Writes Things’ which is focused on reminding everyone to take care of yourself every day and some of her food recipes.

The diva has mentioned that her participation at Miss World 2019 as the representative of Vietnam has helped her to meet some of the best delegates who had helped her to stay confident and strong throughout. Luong seems like a fierce candidate who can represent Vietnam at Miss Universe stage in future is she decides to participate.