Miss Universe Spain 2018 venue changed to speed up casting

18 Apr 2018 | Irina Silva

Miss Universe Spain 2017 Sofia Del Prado will crown her successor at the end of the final night of Miss Universe Spain 2018. The castings began on Saturday, April 7, at the Holmes Place Montecarmelo facilities: Calle del Monasterio de Arlanza, 20, 28049 Madrid.

The second casting took place in Barcelone, and the final 2 castings were supposed to take place in Malaga and Valencia. Unfortunately, in order to speed up the casting process, and announce the finalists soon, the organizers had to decide against these castings, and name two different cities.

The organization revealed on its Facebook page, the news locations and dates for the remaining castings.

In order to accelerate the selection process, and after two casting dates that left us with good feelings; we want to inform the girls that wanted to participate in our tests, which are in the cities of Valencia and Malaga, they can perform the casting of Seville on Sunday, April 29 at Hotel Fontecruz Sevilla Seises  Calle Segovias 6  - Third Court of the Arzobispal Palace 41004 Seville from 11 am (in the case of Malaga) and the new open date in Madrid (in the case of Valencia) next Saturday May 5 in Holmes Place Montecarmelo  Calle del Monasterio de Arlanza, 20, 28049 Madrid  from the 14 hours.

This will allow us to shorten the search process to meet the candidates who will participate in the Miss Universe Spain 2018, competition from which the new representative of Spain in the Miss Universe will emerge.

We look forward to all of you and we take the opportunity to thank you for the receptivity, the good spirit and commitment that you have had this season.

Attentive to all the information that will be generated and that we will share with you through all our digital platforms @orgbemiss on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and our web portal  www.bemiss.es .

Organization Miss Universe Spain.


Miss Universe Spain 2018 venue changed to speed up casting

Photo Credit: Org. Be Miss Facebook

The Be Miss Organization and Miss Universe Spain is a Spanish firm that year after year is able to demonstrate the value of Spanish women in international competitions; the integrity of an ambassador of Spanish beauty who, in addition to having a silhouette of Miss and an undeniable Iberian beauty, is prepared to make a runway that leaves the jury breathless, speaks several languages ??and has an academic and professional preparation. This is what the public sees.

The training and preparation of the Miss Universe Spain are vital to compete in optimal conditions and with the internal security that goes for all! In front of the candidates of other countries.