Miss Utah USA 2020 Rachel Slawson wishes to be the first bisexual ‘Bachelorette’

03 Nov 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Rachel Slawson has entered Miss USA 2020 as the first ever open LGBT contestant in the pageant’s 68-year history. The stunning beauty will represent Utah at the 2020 Miss USA pageant next week.

Rachel has had required years of training and practice to come to the position she’s at today. "A lot of people don't understand just by looking at me or my social media or seeing national news that I have been in hospitals for my mental health. And I have been homeless. And there's a lot of steps I have had to take to be in this moment right now”, Rachel revealed.

Though Rachel certainly has her hands full at the moment with the finals of Miss USA 2020 coming up, she admitted that she has her sights set on another type of competition in the future recently on on Daily Pop.



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"I think that I should be the first bisexual Bachelorette. That is one of my dreams because I think the LGBTQ community needs to be represented in modern media”, she said.

Rachel continued, "And I think that if we had more examples of love stories that are diverse—especially because of my story, you know, overcoming and living with Bipolar Disorder, that's something that's so often shamed and stigmatized—if we had a Bachelorette and a Miss USA that says, 'Hey I'm bisexual. I've been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and I deserve to have my dreams come true and I deserve to have love...' I think that would make a huge change."

We would love to see Rachel on Bachelorette though!