Interesting facts about Miss Venezuela 2019 Thalía Olvino

03 Aug 2019 | Gayatri Poswal

The grand coronation night of Miss Venezuela 2019 that held on 1st August 2019 at Estudio 1 de Venevisión, Caracas, Venezuela was a big day for the stunning beauty Thalía Olvino as she was crowned the new queen and earned the right to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2019 pageant.


Interesting facts about Miss Venezuela 2019 Thalía Olvino


Thalía bested twenty-three other delegates and secured her win with sincerity and brought pride to her country and the loved ones. After being crowned, the beauty has not only won the crown but also taken over the responsibilities and advocacies associated with the title.

The newly crowned beauty is 20 years of age and stands 181 cm tall. Her win was quite predictable as she was crowd's favourite as well ours. The beauty was born in Valencia, Venezuela in a Venezuelan family of Italian descent from her father. She is a Management and Administrative Sciences student at the Technological University of the Centre in Guacara. In her spare time, she loves to read, practising yoga and teaching methodology. She is also into sports as she loves to swim.


Interesting facts about Miss Venezuela 2019 Thalía Olvino


The beauty has currently carried out a foundation named UNITEC Life which is basically a Program of support and induction to the university model of the Technological University of the Centre, consisting of high-performance trainers in various areas. Its mission is to induce the first-year student to the university model, effectively and dynamically, encouraging them with the new managerial tendencies and motivating them to fulfil his career plan. She works as a Comprehensive methodology preparer and Advertising and Promotion Master.

Thalía describes herself as an independent, enterprising, brave and confident woman, with a calm and cordial personality who sports lover and passionate about staying in constant learning, her philosophy of life is to constantly challenge herself, overcome fears, learn from others, listen and take advantage of opportunities with maturity and responsibility to evolve in all levels of her life.


Interesting facts about Miss Venezuela 2019 Thalía Olvino

(Photo Credits: Thalia Olvino Instagram)

Being a fresher, this beauty proved her worth in the competition so gracefully that one can never judge that she has competed in a national pageant for the first time. There is no doubt that the Venezuelan beauty will be a strong force to compete with at the international stage as well.

We wish she achieves all the success in her life!