Miss Venezuela 2019 Thalía Olvino’s startling yet beautiful journey

11 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

Thalía Olvino Torres represented Venezuela at Miss Universe 2019 on 8th December 2019 at Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. She was appreciated for her performance and was placed at Top 20 at the end of the event finale. She is now gearing up to pass on her crown on 24th September 2020 to her successor who will later represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2020 stage.

Hailing from the city of Valencia, Thalia studied Management and Administrative Sciences student at Universidad Tecnológica del Centro in Guacara. She is the youngest of three sisters, Lulyam Nathaly and Lulymar Cristina.



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Since she was a child, she practiced swimming and synchronized swimming as sports disciplines, representing her native state Carabobo in different competitions at the regional and national level. She also aspired to be a beauty queen and represent Venezuela at international stage and at the age of 17, she participated at Miss Venezuela 2019, where with her impeccable performance on-stage and representing the Delta Amacuro state, she was crowned the new queen and earned her chance to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2019 stage.

Thalía describes herself as a confident, calm, disciplined, responsible woman with a big heart. She is an altruistic person who likes to help and do the right thing and is hard-working, intelligent, and enterprising young woman. The diva likes to learn and is often observing her surroundings and those around her to nourish herself from their advice and experiences. She enjoys running on sunny afternoons, going to the beach, and meeting new people and destinations. She is passionate about fashion and yearns to work in the entertainment world.

In her University, Thalia has been a part of a social enterprise named, “Vida UNITCE”, which is a student community with an aim to support and induce the first-year student to the university model, under the belief that the house of studies is not only an institution to generate knowledge, but a universe in which ideas can become profound realities. They teach young people the correct way to develop their ideas through scientific projects and activities, that generate spaces for participation, thus enriching the student life of all those who participate in it, and promoting the development of skills that consolidate the identity of the UNITEC student.



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During her stint at Miss Universe 2019, Thalia used the platform to develop her personal brand and be an ambassador for social causes at international level. She wants to be a successful supermodel and use her platform to create awareness in regards with empowerment of young people to be the driving agents of the change in the world. From an early stage of her life, she decided to stand up for causes committed to education and the creation of new leaders. Thalia is conscious of the powerful platform she has, and wants to promote courage and resilience in the Venezuelan youth. Thalia wants to give them the courage to dream in a nation where so many believe you cannot, and demonstrate the power of a positive mindset.

Recently, the diva had opened about the situation with the organization, she mentioned, “I was depressed working in an unhealthy work environment, where disorganization, improvisation, limited resources, little empathy with the particular situation of each queen, the power struggle, discrimination and indifference.” Olvino later announced that she has made a decision to undertake with the initiative 'Being brave is my victory', a campaign for women who have been victims of abuse in beauty pageants, homes, work spaces or academics "face that fear, write your message, record your message, because more important than a title or a crown is to be honest with ourselves.”

Amid all of this, the diva is ready to pass on her crown on 24th September 2020 and has said that she is proud to be able to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2019 stage and hopes the successor would do too. She stated, “Little by little I was discovering the power that exists in my personality type and that is that my inner life is my greatest strength. I get energy from the ideas, images and memories that are in my internal world, rather than the external one; I value deep relationships, I like to connect in a real way and share opinions selectively.”



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Thalia is extremely reserved kind of a woman who likes to be comfortable in her own silence but being a beauty queen, she was ought to meet new people and she did with utmost respect and love. She mentioned, “Yes you can be reserved and authentic at the same time because you don't need to show absolutely everything about yourself or be too outgoing to be genuine.” She feels that beauty pageants are an excellent platform for women to amplify their voices, develop leadership and create their own platforms. She wants to dedicate herself in educating and creating awareness for the aspiring models in Venezuela.

According to the diva, “being Miss Venezuela is not only to become a symbol of beauty for the country, it also represents an orientation, guidance and empowerment factor for other young people; that's my main purpose. The best way to do this is to be transparent and honest with all those girls and women who follow me. It is my social responsibility that they really know what they can face when they go out into the world to pursue their dreams, my experience is allowing many girls from now on to be able to set clear goals and objectives, not illusions or expectations that end up disappointing them or making them feel frustrated. That way they will be able to walk a much clearer path and make good decisions for themselves and for the country.”

Thaila lastly mentioned that just like the way she curated her dreams into a vision and then goals and then created a path to walk onto it, she believes that with her journey, young women who aspire to be a models would take inspiration and develop confidence and discipline to achieve the same. She added, “Success is the sum of many efforts, you just have to be willing to do them.” She is also happy that the organization has taken her statements under consideration and new ways are being implemented for the future.