Miss Venezuela 2020 Final Hot Picks

21 Sep 2020 | Ana Walia

The 67th edition of Miss Venezuela 2020 will be held on 24th September 2020 in Caracas, Venezuela in Venevisión Studio 1 where stunning beauties will be competing for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Venezuela at Miss Universe 2020. The organization will also crown its representatives to Miss World and Miss International to be held next year.

All the divas have performed exceptionally well at the competition and showcased the necessary qualities to become one of the three queens of Venezuela but few of them stood out and became fan favourite.

So, without further ado, here are the Top 9 favourites of Miss Venezuela 2020:

Miss Nueva Esparta 2020 Valentina Sánchez

Miss Nueva Esparta Valentina Sánchez is 24-years-old and stands 155cm tall and is passionate about getting to know more on her philanthropy and on building a career as a bilingual journalist and TV and radio producer. She is a keen advocate of Mental Health as she lost her mother and grandmother to suicide and wants to raise awareness regarding the same. In her recent interview that was held a few days ago she was asked that since she has studied and trained professionally abroad, what is something she would like to say to the children who want to leave the country to which Valentina stated that her decision to leave the country was quiet complex but she always aspired to train professionally and was aware that she will be able to do train and come back as a strong individual and she did. She was very strong and confident in giving her answers and made sure that they are delivered exactly how she wants it to be.



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Miss Aragua 2020 Alejandra Conde

Miss Aragua Alejandra Conde is 23-years-old and stands 178cm tall. In her interview, she started off by stating that she feels very grateful and blessed to be a part of a platform which has given her a chance to make people of her community proud and aspires to be a positive influence on the young girls in her community. She was complimented by one of the jury members who stated that she loves how confidently she speaks and is clear about her message. Alejandra also mentioned that she wants to show the real side of herself to everyone and she has on her social media because she believes that when people follow or look up to someone, they must understand that people who are successful have failures too. The diva shared that she was attacked by everyone because of her appearance but she was firm that she will make a mark for herself.



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Miss Dtto Capital 2020 Elizabeth Gasiba

Miss Dtto Capital Elizabeth Gasiba is 23-years-old and stands 176cm tall and is a student of dentistry at Santa Maria University and is a professional model. She started off by quoting, “Happiness can be found in the darkness”. She was asked that how would she feel if she comes to know that the organization only hired her for the ways she looks and not her talent, to which Elizabeth stated she would appreciate it because they noticed a gift that God gave her and the appearance is always a plus. Another jury member asked her about how does she deals with the hate online, to which the diva mentioned that the network and the organization has been very supportive and helpful in maintaining a social platform and she doesn’t mind constructive criticism but doesn’t heed towards the destructive criticism because she knows who she is. She also mentioned that people are always going to say something about what you do or stand for but won’t ever know you but she tries to be as real so that the people could know the real her.



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Miss Portuguesa 2020 Lisandra Chirinos Guillén

Miss Portuguesa Lisandra Chirinos is 24-years-old and stands 176 cm tall and is a student of social communication and loves nature. She was asked about how would she feel to compete in a competition where she is against a transgender contestant to which she replied that we are all in the world to fulfil our dreams but she also stated that she strongly believes that if the rules are made by an organization, it should be respected. She later mentioned that the quarantine has taught her the most beautiful things in life from a simple hug from family member to breathing pure air. She explained that at this moment she has discovered that the things we use to run away from are very necessary and we’ll be more aware on how to react towards them.



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Miss La Guaira 2020 Ismelys Veslasquez

Miss La Guaira Ismelys Velásquez is 21-years-old and stands 174 cm tall and is studying international studies at the University of Central Venezuela along with studying English language at the Venezuelan Centre. She is very confident and strong with herself and how she presents herself on stage. The diva knew how to handle the questions and answered them beautifully with utmost grace. Ismelys started off by stating that she had been a victim of bullying when she was young which has generated a lot of insecurity in her but she has turned that insecurity into a challenge and started believing in herself to achieve things she always desired for. She was asked by one of the jury members about how she overcome her insecurity to which she answered that people who have been bullied always limit themselves and they feel that they don’t have the potential to fight it. But, Ismelys is very grateful for her family who helped her understand who she was and made it possible for her to understand her worth.



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Miss Merida 2020 Sabrina Deraneck

Miss Merida Sabrina Deraneck is 21-years-old and stands 177 cm tall and is a fourth semester student of comprehensive basic education. She mentioned that she has organized an educational workshop where she had the honour of educating 20 children who believed in here and helped her to be a better person. Sabrina is an advocate for human rights and raises her voice against the violence that happens. She later described that she wants to stand up for the rights of women and the men but she feels that women are going to achieve their position always showing how they are and can form a team with men or even on their own. She added that she believes that both men and women should live as a whole and not be defined by their roles that are allotted to them by the society. She was appreciated for her strong and clear answers.



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Miss Miranda 2020 Luiseth Materán

Miss Miranda Luiseth Materán is 24-years-old and stands 178 cm tall and has earned her degree in social communication in audio-visual arts and advertising and marketing from Andres Bello Catholic University. She spoke about Barbara Palacios who was one of the Miss Universe and an inspiration for the masses and was an excellent communicator. Just like her Luiseth aspires to be a positive role model and take charge of inspiring people to change in a positive manner. She was asked that if she had a chance to be someone else who would she be and why to which she said that she is really being honest and sincere that she would exactly be in the same place she is today because she is following her dreams and that means a lot to her.



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Miss Guayana Region 2020 Isbel Parra

Miss Guayana Region Isbel Parra is 26-years-old and stands 175 cm and she is currently a cooch of artistic gymnastics which has taught her the fundamentals of who she is and what she. Isbel mentioned that she would love to wear a garment that is made from home because people might not realize but the fashion industry is very polluting and we individuals from our home can do our bit and contribute to some positive change. The diva explained that she would like to erase or delete the memory of the recent events where the signs of racism are clearly seen and it’s very unfortunate to see that people are not able to co-exist with each other but we should understand that the world is changing and our mindsets should too.



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Miss Zulia 2020 Mariángel Villasmil

Miss Zulia Mariángel Villasmil is 24-years-old and stands 176 cm tall and a passionate psychology student who is creating content in both Spanish and English languages for social media. She explained about her #loveyourslef campaign which is a reminder to her about loving herself and inspiring to the people who look up to he about believing in that everything that one wants to achieve can do from self-love. She was asked about the transformation an individual goes through with the help of technology (surgeries)to which she answered that when she talks about self-love, she not only talks about the physical appearance but what’s inside. She explained that she had used the platform to showcase her real self by sharing about her personality and reflecting how she feels. She was very confident when she explained what self-love means to her.



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