Finals of Miss World 2016 – A Review

19 Dec 2016 | Angelopedia

Miss World 2016 finale concluded with the crowning of Stephanie Del Valle Diaz of Puerto Rico as the winner, on 18th December 2016 at the MGM National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland, USA. With Stephanie’s win, Puerto Rico marked its second victory in the internationally esteemed Miss World beauty pageant. The happy and excited Stephanie looked gorgeous in the final moments as her name was announced and she took over as the reigning queen of Miss World.  Her beauty was enhanced even more after she wore the crown. The finale of Miss World 2016 was a 2.5 hours long event, and if you guys missed it, here is a complete review of the final event.

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To begin with, Miss World is one of the Big 4 pageants, one of the most renowned and popular one. The pageant has a charm and beauty of its own. Miss World Organisation takes it upon them to make this pageant about the true inner beauty of the delegates who participate from all over the world by coming to one global platform with their own kind of uniqueness and grace.


Finals of Miss World 2016 – A Review


After the introduction of the esteemed judges for the pageant, the finals of Miss World 2016 started with a pre-recorded introduction round. The finale took full swing with the opening number. We are sure this is the favourite round for most of the pageant fans. Isn’t it..?? Actor Jason Cook and the gorgeous Miss World 2013 Megan Young took over the stage as hosts for the show. The two complimented the stage with their humour, grace, and wit to entertain the spectators.

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Miss World is all about wonderful cultures and traditions from all over the world. The contestants graced the stage with beauty and made the event spectacular by just being a part of the show. Miss World beauty pageant finale event have always amazed us to the core and have kept us waiting for more. The simple format with almost no chaos and no unnecessary elements make the pageant coronation galas a hit year after year. Soon after the contestants who made it to the Top 20 were announced and each walked forward with utmost happiness as the spectators cheered for their favourite delegates. Though many contestants had to go disheartened after the announcement, the thrill and zeal of the show was not diminished in any way.


Finals of Miss World 2016 – A Review


The Top 20 candidates charmed their fans with amazing catwalk as they took over the stage in cute black dresses. Although, there were some contestants who looked absolutely stunning, others looked equally gorgeous. The excitement on stage as well as off-stage doubled as the moments to announce the Top 10 came. One by one the hosts announced the graceful candidates who made it to the Miss World 2016 Top 10 finalists. The People’s Choice award brought back one of the most loved, a sporty candidate, back in the lead giving her a place with the finalists.


Finals of Miss World 2016 – A Review


Soon after, one of the most renowned opera singers took over the stage, right in time for celebration. The mesmerising performance gave enough time to the judges to decide the final five contestants’ names. The artist entertained the whole world as the heart beats of the Top 11 augmented with excitement and nervousness. To seize this fear, finally the hosts announced the Top 5 delegates who have almost made it to the big victory with their determination and dedication. The waiting part was over, but the excitement and thrill had reached its best level.

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The time came for the finalists to prove their worth and capabilities, and to show the world how right they are for one of the most wanted beauty pageant titles. The Question and Answer round began, and as each candidate spoke of her endeavours, it began all the more guess to decide who the winner would be, except for the judges who worked it through the strengths and weaknesses of each of the Top 5 delegate and made the hardest decision they ever had to. The Miss World organisers have a perfect sense of when is the right time for a musical performance. As every person in the world clinched to their TV remote or laptop, waiting to hear the big name, all the 117 gorgeous contestants walked in adorned in the most lavish evening gowns, with a beautiful band complimenting the contestants’ walks with their music. The stage was full of the most beautiful women from around the world and it made everyone go...’Wow!’


Finals of Miss World 2016 – A Review


The stunning Miss World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna of Spain took her last walk as Miss World, and though our hearts ached to see such a gorgeous lady for the last time as the reigning beauty queen, we were equally excited for the final announcement. Julia Morley announced the winners in the reverse order, and as the name of Puerto Rico’s Stephanie Del Valle Diaz was announced as the Miss World 2016 the stage was filled with loud cheers and great happiness.

With such a wonderful show, I have only one thing to say...When it’s Miss World, you know it’s almost ‘perfect’! So, what do you think? Share with us...