Who will survive Piers Morgan’s grueling questions in the Miss World 2019 Top 5 Q/A?

13 Dec 2019 | Abigail Henry

Miss World 2019 is all set to host its coronation night tomorrow i.e. 14th December 2019 in Excel London, United Kingdom. The stunning divas are making their full efforts to mark their stint in the finale. With their amazing confidence and their well-polished personalities, the divas are moving forward in the competition. As the finale is coming closer, the competition is getting tough and also growing. The challenges were given to the divas in order to test their efficiency and potential they got, and all of them proved to mark their worth by giving their best pursuance.

Piers Morgan, the television presenter, who is best known for hosting Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid, has landed a top position on the judging panel of a worldwide competition according to his latest Instagram post. Piers will be the head judge at the famous Miss World ceremony which takes place in London at the weekend. The TV star shared the news with his 801,000 followers on the social media site.


Who will survive Piers Morgan’s grueling questions in the Miss World 2019 Top 5 Q/A?


Recently, in the Good Morning Britain show, Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce clashed with Piers Morgan over claims that the pageant is more about personality than good looks in a heated segment. Vanessa claimed that Miss World is more about knowledge than beauty, and that participants 'have things to say'. However, Piers who landed a role on the judging panel for forthcoming 2019 contest, insisted that there's nothing stopping him from favoring the 'hottest' girl and says people don't want an 'ugly winner'. The conversation went on with much fierceness as both of them did not leave their points and kept on conversing about the agendas of the pageant.


Who will survive Piers Morgan’s grueling questions in the Miss World 2019 Top 5 Q/A?


The conversation between Piers and Vanessa clearly shows that the head judge will surely give a grueling judgement to the delegates and with his skill of debating and asking questions, the delegates will have to make sure about their presence of mind and their fast answers to the judge. As it now seems, the pageant is definitely going to be a fierce event.

Now its on the delegates, how they are going to make an impression in front of Piers Morgan and the other judges. Being the head judge of the competition, the results are greatly depended on the presenter. He will be asking the Top 5 Questions to the divas, in order to check their abilities, sensibility and their worth in the competition.


Who will survive Piers Morgan’s grueling questions in the Miss World 2019 Top 5 Q/A?


Though, all of the delegates have been amazing till now, but there are few who we think will definitely be able to make it to the top by answering all the grueling questions which are going to be thrown at them.

By seeing the performance of the following divas in the recent activity held in Oxford University, where the six Miss World 2019 delegates were given a once in a lifetime opportunity to speak in the Oxford Students Debate. These divas were – Miss World England 2019 Bhasha Mukherjee, Miss World Korea 2019 Ji-Yeon Lim, Miss World Indonesia 2019 Princess Megonondo, Miss World Tunisia 2019 Sabrine Mansour, Miss World South Africa 2019 Sasha-Lee Olivier and Miss Nepal World 2019 Anushka Shrestha. These stunning ladies gave the book buffs a run for their money with their intelligence and eloquence. Titled ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, the delegates got to talk about their purposes at the debate. With a serious discussion in a panel, the delegates talked about their fields of interest as they showed confidence and sincerity in their preparations.


Who will survive Piers Morgan’s grueling questions in the Miss World 2019 Top 5 Q/A?


After speaking at the esteemed Oxford University, Anushka Shrestha Miss World Nepal 2019, made a special fanbase for herself with her intelligence and eloquence. This was not all as she was again provided with the prestigious opportunity to be a speaker at the House of Lords, one of the Houses of Parliament in United Kingdom. She represented the Asian delegates at the event and impressed everyone with her voice. An intellectual beauty queen, Anushka has followed in her predecessor’s footsteps with sincerity and dedication and has successfully managed to make a mark at the ongoing Miss World competition. She thanked the hosts for a successful competition so far and shared her experience on the behalf of the Asian delegates. Not just appreciated by the fans, Anushka is also a favourite amongst her fellow contestants. She was widely appreciated by England’s Bhasha Mukherjee, South Africa’s Sasha Olivier-Lee and Indonesia’s Princess for her eloquence at the recent debate they went to. This proves that Anushka will be a strong competition for the ladies for the Miss World 2019 crown.

The divas have been great in the competition as they performed with much grace and smartness. They are going to rock the stage of Miss World 2019, as with the head judge too, we believe that the divas are going to make their noteworthy mark in the finale.

Who do you think will make it to the Top 5 after surviving the grueling question answer round with Piers Morgan? Stay tuned with us for the latest updates and share with us your thoughts about your favourite contestants from the competition.