Miss World 2019 delegates remarkable pursuance at Head to Head Challenge (Group 4)

27 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Miss World 2019 stunning finalists of Group 4 of the Head to Head Challenge looked confident and steady as they answered the question given to them with utmost grace and confidence. The session was held on 26th November 2019 in London itself where the six divas of the first group namely South Africa, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Mongolia and Bulgaria gave some stellar answers to the questions given to them. It showed their best prudency and the level of confidence the divas are carrying.

This year, presented by reigning 2018 Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon, the Head to Head Challenge provided an exclusive and in-depth look at every single Miss World national representative. Their introduction videos of all the six divas were played first and then the reigning beauty Vanessa and Stephanie decided to chat with the girls in order to get to know them as well as their Beauty With A Purpose’ projects.


Miss World 2019 delegates remarkable pursuance at Head to Head Challenge (Group 4)


Sasha-Lee Laurel Olivier Miss World South Africa 2019

Sasha was first asked about her teaching profession. “What do you find the most challenging thing about being a teacher?”, asked Vanessa. The diva answered it very diligently and said that the most challenging part in being a teacher is that you have to be aware of the fact that the current system we have isn’t really contusive to self-expression. It doesn’t really celebrate the different kinds of intelligence we have and she’s aware of stim based education, how important that is given forth the revolution. She aims to help those kids who comes under the odds and to embrace them and this, she considers as her own purpose. Then the diva talked about her ‘beauty with a purpose’ project in which the diva said that her project aims on liberating women and men who have survived sexual assault. She wants to be a voice for so many women and wants to bring the power and strength back to them. The diva is working with an organization named the Angel network, which supports many victims who’ve been through these attacks. Sasha is personally working there in support of all those women and also as her project is called “ITS NOT YOUR FAULT”. The purpose of the project is to spread the message and to comfort all those victims. The diva, through this project help the woman by raising funds in order to give some important materials to the women. They provide women with comfort packs, which gives basic hygiene products. They give them a teddy bear as well, and assuring the survivals that the attack is not their fault.

Iciar Díaz Camacho Miss World Bolivia 2019

The diva was asked about how living in so many countries has affected her as a person. The diva replied beautifully as she said that it feels beautiful about the fact that she got a chance to live in different countries and to enjoy the peace each country has. She thinks that the most important thing of this is that she learnt to respect, to tolerate and to value the diversity. She thinks that the richness of the world is in our differences and through this diversity that we must join forces. The diva then shared about her BWAP project she has been working on. It is related to the forest fire, which took place recently in Amazon in Bolivia. The project name’s Sostenible which means sustainable, because this area was that which was affected called as chickethea in Amazon region of Bolivia and her mom has been from his place so it has been a lot and now it’s in ashes. So, the project aims to use ashes as a product to sell as a natural fertilizer and the funds raised will go to the damaged local communities to support the area.

Madina Batyk Miss World Kazakhstan 2019

The diva talked about her family first and shared about how important they are for her. Then the diva talked about her advocacies and her BWAP project which aims to help children who are abandoned, also the organization helps the pregnant women who have no support from their families. They raise funds and collect amount of money which can be helpful for these people. She feels that it is about sharing love, showing compassion and humanity and the diva thinks by volunteering in the cause, she will be able to give her best through this.


Miss World 2019 delegates remarkable pursuance at Head to Head Challenge (Group 4)


Liana Voskerchyan Miss World Armenia 2019

The diva shared about her skin condition which is known as Vitiligo, she overcame the insecurities it caused her and said that she was only able to do that by praying. The diva is a believer and has a lot of faith. It helped her think positively. Talking about confidence, vitiligo took it from the diva, she had to go through a lot because of this condition. This only took her to the beauty pageants in order to prove herself and the world that she is beautiful. And, this brought her confidence and her self-esteem back. The diva’s message to the world is “Uniqueness doesn’t mean you are not beautiful because the beauty is not just a case that you wear but it is something which is inside of you and if you are beautiful inside then you’re beautiful from outside too. And people with Vitiligo should be accepted in the world and should be supported, with that, the people also needs to be educated about the condition and how not to bully the ones who go through that”. The beauty then talked about her BWAP project which is related to a foundation which helps children in orphanages and focuses on unsupported families, building schools, education etc. The project aims to unite 8 million people from Armenia, in order for them to come together and also through this, the world should know about this old nation which is less recognized.

Mandakh Tsevelmaa Miss World Mongolia 2019

The diva talked about her father being involved in a sacred culture which is a part of the great history of Mongolia. National wrestling is a big part of their culture. The diva’s father is a famous wrestler in Mongolia. The diva shared her experiences then and talked about the BWAP project she has been working on. It is about Mongolian people who go through liver diseases and the country is ranked at the first for that. So, it is her purpose to help those people and as a doctor as well it is her ultimate goal to help out those people who goes through these diseases.

Margo Cooper Miss World Bulgaria 2019

The diva first talked about her profession which is being a life coach. She feels to help people in discovering their potential and to reach new heights and she does not believe in the best version of oneself but that each one of us are good enough to live the life one wants and to reach to the place what one wants. The diva then talked about her BWAP project, which is related to the adults and their mental health. Her project is known as “Invisible people of Bulgariabecause the center is so far away from the cities and no one cares about them. The diva was devastated when she visited the place and saw different people with different stories. The diva’s mother works as a neurologist in a mental health hospital and the diva knew since she was a child that she had to step to the places where no one else does. She started to visit the centers and she saw that the art therapy going on which helps those people. Then she came up with this idea of self-maintained charity project which use their paintings for the people who live there and make T-shirts to send these to the centers. The beauty’s work was also recognized by the red cross and a lot of organizations also called her up. The diva felt grateful for the platform and she decided that when she goes back to the place, she can work more for the people.