Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 5)

28 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Miss World 2019 finalists of Group 5 of the Head to Head Challenge looked confident and steady as they answered the question given to them with utmost grace and confidence. The session was held on 27th November 2019 in London itself where the five divas of the fifth group namely Hong Kong China, Spain, Sri Lanka, Moldova and Guadeloupe gave some stellar answers to the questions given to them. It showed their best prudency and the level of confidence the divas are carrying.

This year, presented by reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon, the Head to Head Challenge provided an exclusive and in-depth look at every single Miss World national representative. Their introduction videos of all the five divas were played first and then the reigning beauty Vanessa and Stephanie decided to chat with the girls in order to get to know them as well as their ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ projects.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 5)


Li Peishan Miss World China 2019

The beauty first talked about her profession being a model as well as a yoga instructor. The diva said that it is a process in which we find ourselves and so does she like yoga and wants to share it further with people. Then the diva shared her BWAP project which aims to provide secure food to the needy people. She is involved with a food assisting program known as ‘Food NGO’. They collect edible food and then turn into boxes and then serve it to the needy people in Honk Kong. The country has good social facilities like education, medical etc., but at the same time there are many social problems as well, such as food problem. Food gets waste every day, while at the same time there are people who are at lack of it. So, this is the reason why the diva has this simple and direct idea of serving food. She believes that a balanced diet can impact so much on a human body like physically and also mentally. Through this NGO, 10,000 people in Honk Kong are provided with food every day. 

María Del Mar Aguilera Zuheros Miss World Spain 2019

Maria is an all rounder and as she discussed about her hobbies and her profession being a psychologist and how she loves to do different things, showed that the diva is so lively in her life and she is optimistic in most spheres of her life. The diva then talked about her BWAP project which is related to her profession. As the diva is a psychologist so she works with people who suffers from bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses. The diva says that as they are not treated well so she wants people to know that they also deserve to be treated just like us and also that no body really chooses to have any disease, so this is the reason why the diva wants to raise a voice or be a voice for those people.

Sheen Cher Miss World Singapore 2019

Sheen have been to many countries and this helped her to adopt different cultures and to know about them and to embrace them. The diva shared about her BWAP project too and said that she is supporting people with brain tumor in Singapore. She further said that when she returned to Singapore, she interacted with children suffering from the same and hearing their stories and challenges truly touched her. So, she dedicated to raising funds and creating awareness for the ply of this children. So, BWAP for the diva means using her talent, resources and passion for the greater good. So, her project is to merge her entrepreneurship degree as well as her passion for baking to start a desert café, in order to raise fuds from that to help those children. With that, she will provide part time employment to the parents of these children because when the diva interacted with them, she realized that a parent will have to lose his job in order to take care of the child full time. So, with this part time employment they will have a chance to make it for the living and at the same time take care of the child.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 5)


Dewmini Welikande Thathsarani Miss World Sri Lanka 2019

The diva is 21 years of age and she was crowned Miss World Singapore on 14th October 2019. The diva is well interested in dancing and so she performed many a times in schools and her family too supported her for that. It was her childhood dream to participate in beauty pageants, which came to reality when she was crowned Miss World Sri Lanka 2019. She believes that this title has helped her in helping those people in need. The diva came up from around the world to participate in this international pageant despite of being challenged with the issue of not knowing English well. She used signs language in order to communicate with her fellow Miss World sisters. But despite of all, she overcame her fear and stood up to the stage of Miss World with her full confidence. The diva beauty with a purpose also includes in helping people in need and the diva is truly compassionate and kind towards people. This makes her a true diva.

Elizaveta Cuznetsova Miss World Moldova 2019

Elizaveta first shared about her experience in exchange program, where the diva went for this program to volunteer in different communities and societies. She was just 17 years of age and lived far away from her family for at least a year and she did it so that she could get new experiences and also to explore. The diva had many good experiences as she said it in much excitement. When Eli came back, she started giving English classes at the orphanages, in order to volunteer and to share her knowledge. She also volunteered to give art classes to children who suffered from different diseases, because she believes that art has a great healing power. The diva’s greatest part in her BWAP project is to see all those big and beautiful smiles on children’s faces. She believes that art adds color to their lives and she will keep on helping the kids with her artistic skills.

Anaïs Emeline Clemence Lacalmontie Miss World Guadeloupe 2019

The diva was first asked about why she took criminal law as her specialty. The diva answered it diligently while saying that men created society to feel safer because together, we are stronger and in order to protect the society the laws are needed. And for her, studying law is to studying how to protect the society. What she finds fascinating in law is that as the society in in constant evolution and so is the law. The law moves with the society. So, the diva chose criminal law in order to help the society. The diva then shared about her BWAP project, which talks about the Sickle cell disease which is a group of inherited blood disorders caused by the presence of hemoglobin S in red blood cells. Anais’ cousin suffered from this disease. The diva so wants to support the people suffering from this and wants to give away the message of ‘I CARE’. She wants the world to also know and to say that they care.