Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 7)

30 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Miss World 2019 coronation night is coming closer and the stunning divas are making their full efforts to mark their stint in the finale. The finalists of different groups of the Head to Head Challenge, as they are administrating their different projects related to their ‘Beauty with a Purpose’, the divas are confidently moving forward with their best pursuance in the challenge. They are well firmed and steady as they answer the question given to them with utmost grace and confidence.

The session for Group 7 of Miss World 2019 in head to head challenge was held on 29th November 2019 in London itself where the six divas of the seventh group namely Wales, United States, Equatorial Guinea, Malaysia, Trinidad and Tobago, Hungary gave some stellar answers to the questions given to them. It showed their best prudency and the level of confidence the divas are carrying.

This year as the beauties looks absolutely amazing in their performances, they are presented by reigning 2018 Miss World Vanessa Ponce de Leon in the Head to Head Challenge provided with their exclusive and in-depth look of their works and activities. Their introduction videos of all the six divas were played first and then the reigning beauty Vanessa, decided to chat with the girls in order to get to know them as well as their ‘Beauty with A Purpose’ projects.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 7)


Gabriella Francésca Jukes Miss World Wales 2019

The diva talked about her experiences in Britain’s Next Top Model, as she always dreamt of being a model and the way she got the chance at the best platform where all her dreams can come true. The diva then shared about her BWAP project, which is related to the Domestic violence and the women who go through this. The diva volunteers and also is an ambassador of a foundation which helps these women. The diva’s main aim was to concentrate on the children as she provides them with counselling and also organizes activities in order to get the childhood back for those children.

Emmy Rose Cuvelier Miss World United States of America 2019

The diva first talked about her love for fairytales and just like her video as well, it showed her fairytale land in which the diva narrated a princess’ story and that princess was Emmy herself. She combined her all the skills and created a magic factory in which they provide 3D printed mouse years for the park goers to wear it to the Disney parks and they created that for a lot of different characters. The diva then shared about her BWAP project, which revolves around her passion and it was basically related to a girl by whom the diva was inspired from. The girl was suffering from childhood leukemia and it was her who opened the eyes of Emmy and showed her the struggles that the children have to go through. The diva realized that there would be so many other kids who are restricted to the magical experiences which they deserve to get someday. ‘Magical miracles’ was created by the diva then which served the purpose of giving these children a great experience of these magical tales. The diva not only wants to work for the US but also the whole globe and the children who are not just living in the US but the whole world.

Janet Ortiz Oyono Miss World Equatorial Guinea 2019

Since the diva was a child her family have instilled values such as humility, simplicity, companionship and above all love for others. With the opportunity, she has been given as Miss Guinea, she would like to transfer these values and focus, into her projects, and in that way help the mentally and physically disabled children to have the same acceptance and some opportunities.


Miss World 2019 delegates make a noteworthy mark in Head to Head challenge (Group 7)


Alexis SueAnn Seow Su-Yin Miss World Malaysia 2019

The diva shared about her BWAP project which revolves around the chance for change and the diva also is working with a foundation for that. She further talks about the topic which is less discussed in her country, and talks about baby dumping. The diva visited a home, where she thought it was an orphanage but not that, it was particularly a home where teenage mothers lived with their babies. With this project they just want to provide them with a sense of belonging and providing with a bigger picture and a platform for them to speak out. They are acting upon it by organizing camps for awareness and helps the mothers with their abstinence and how o groom themselves out of all this. They also provided them with sustainability, where they don’t let them out for work but bring the work to them by different means.

Tya Janè La Shon Ramey Miss World Trinidad and Tobago 2019

The diva first talked about her passion for sports and how she plays them, bringing with her the medals after winning. Then the diva shared about her BWAP project in which she shared about the people and children who goes through forced migration and how the trauma affects them. The diva has planned to work with a foundation as well in order to help those people and children going through that.

Krisztina Nagypál Miss World Hungary 2019

The diva first talked about her family and how she considers it a valuable part of her life and when being asked by Vanessa, the diva answered beautifully in her home language and said that she gets a lot of support from her family and that support has made her stronger. It is definitely a valuable part of her life as she cares for it and also cares about it. She also loves baking cake for her beloved ones.  Then shared about her BWAP project is related to the environment and the animals. She considers it a very important part as she believes that our future is also depended on them and that is why she wants to take it further as her project.