Miss World 2019 delegates excel in Head to Head Challenge (Group 17)

04 Dec 2019 | Avneet Ahluwalia

The coronation night for Miss World 2019 is all set to be hosted on 14th December 2019. The delegates of various countries are trying to put their best forward to make their position in the competition stronger.

The Head to Head Challenge for Miss World 2019, Group 17 includes delegates from Rwanda, Aruba, Philippines, Dominican Republic and Ghana. The beautiful divas discussed about their “Beauty with a Purpose” along with giving a small introduction about their lives back in their home country.

The Head to Head Challenge’s presenter is Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon and Miss World 2016 Stephanie de Valle. The main event of Miss World 2019 is set to be held on 14th December 2019 in London. The reigning Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon will crown her successor by the end of the event.


Miss World 2019 delegates excel in Head to Head Challenge (Group 17)


Let’s meet the delegates of Head to Head Challenge Group 17 –

Meghan Nimwiza Miss World Rwanda 2019

Meghan Nimwiza is representing the country of Rwanda for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Meghan mentions that she is passionate about agriculture because she grew up in a family where agriculture was given importance. Introducing her “Beauty with a Purpose” project, Meghan states that is about fighting malnutrition as she mentioned that even though the government has done quiet a lot for fighting the malnourishment in the country, there are some villages that are in real bad condition. Meghan wants help these children as much as she can.

Ghislaine Mejia Miss World Aruba 2019

Ghislaine Mejia is representing Aruba for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Ghislaine has a restaurant in Aruba that provides with balanced meals for everyone. She further explains that she has helped addicts, homeless and anyone who needs a balanced meal and wants to collaborate with local foundations and government in future to provide breakfast in school for children. Introducing her “Beauty with a Purpose” project Ghislaine mentions that it is “Hero of Life”, which means that be your own hero and push yourself everyday to be a better person. Ghislaine after winning Miss World Aruba 2019, she wanted to work with rehabilitation centers and help people who are in recovery because all they need is love and support.

Michelle Marquez Dee Miss World Philippines 2019

Michelle Marquez Dee is representing the Philippines for the title of Miss World 2019. Michelle introduced her “Beauty with a Purpose” project as autism awareness and she further explains that she grew up with two autistic brothers which gave her first hand exposure to know how people with autism live. She further mentioned that in her country there are no such laws which protects the autistic individuals. She describes that she has collaborated with Autism Society Philippines which is world’s largest and widest autism awareness community and they have spear-headed so many things for the induvial in Philippines including the autism care plan.

Alba Marie Blair Miss World Dominican Republic 2019

Alba Marie Blair is representing Dominican Republic for the title of Miss World 2019 in London on 14th December 2019. Alba’s “Beauty with a Purpose” project is related to help children with disability. The delegate works with Nazareth Children’s house where children with mental, physical and motor disabilities are accommodated. The diva and the organization are making sure that the day to day needs of the children are met which includes the food supplies, medicine supplies and education. The organization has 15 children as of now boys and girls included and they are trying to provide each of them with accommodation so that they have their own personal space.

Rebecca Nana Adjowa Kwabi Miss World Ghana 2019

Rebecca Kwabi is representing the country of Ghana for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Introducing her “Beauty with Purpose” project, Rebecca explains that she wants to create awareness about scoliosis. Scoliosis is a disorder of spinal cord and the diva has experienced this disorder first hand as she explained that her best friend had it. She wants to aware the people of Ghana about this deadly disorder because people lose lives because of scoliosis. She also mentioned that the cost of the treatment is very high so the organization she collaborated with organized a kid fund raiser for a little boy’s treatment and later a blood donation camp for the same.