Miss World 2019 delegates dazzle in Head to Head Challenge (Group 19)

05 Dec 2019 | Avneet Ahluwalia

The coronation night for Miss World 2019 is all set to be hosted on 14th December 2019. The delegates of various countries are trying to put their best forward to make their position in the competition stronger.

The Head to Head Challenge for Miss World 2019, Group 19 includes delegates from Angola, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Senegal and Bangladesh. The beautiful divas discussed about their “Beauty with a Purpose” along with giving a small introduction about their lives back in their home country.

The Head to Head Challenge’s presenter is Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon and Miss World 2016 Stephanie de Valle. The main event of Miss World 2019 is set to be held on 14th December 2019 in London. The reigning Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon will crown her successor by the end of the event.


Miss World 2019 delegates dazzle in Head to Head Challenge (Group 19)


Brezana Da Costa Miss World Angola 2019

Brezana Da Costa is representing Angola for the title of Miss World 2019 in London on 14th December 2019. Brezana introduced “Children out of education system” as her “Beauty with a Purpose” project because she feels that education is the key to the door that opens the opportunity into the world. She feels that if we want to live in a productive society, we must study and make our own standing in the society. She wants to focus on providing the children with basic needs so that they can come out from the condition which fails them to provide with proper living, education and health care conditions. 

Ekaterina Zabolotnova Miss World Kyrgyzstan 2019

Ekaterina Zabolotnova is representing Kyrgyzstan for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Ekaterina explained in her introduction video that she started to play basketball in her junior school and currently she is Masters of sports of the Kyrgyz Republic. She is the member of board of association of young designers of Republic of Kyrgyzstan and her collections have been awarded internationally as well as nationally. She is very close to her family and considers them as her foundation. She was a volunteer in chair events and aims to make this world a better place to live.

Feven Araya Gebreslassie Miss World Ethiopia 2019

Feven Araya Gebreslassie is representing Ethiopia for the title of Miss World 2019 in London. Feven is an accountant who aspires to open a traditional Ethiopian restaurant one day. If she could invite anyone for dinner, she’d invite “Mother Teresa” as she can instill knowledge of helping people and having a kind heart. She introduced “creating chance of education for children” especially the ones who live around rural areas as her “Beauty with a Purpose” project. She provides the children with the books and help them read and understand.

Alberta Diatta Miss World Senegal 2019

Alberta Diatta is representing the country of Senegal for the title of Miss World 2019 in London on 14th December 2019. Alberta is a student who aspires to one day create her own clothing and cosmetics brand. The diva loves to cook and usually prepares Senegalese dishes. Her motto is “more courage than talent is the key to success”.

Rafah Nanjeba Torsa Miss World Bangladesh 2019

Rafah Nanjeba Torsa is representing Bangladesh for the title of Miss World 2019 on 14th December 2019 in London. She has received two national awards and one of them was from their Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The delegate of Bangladesh introduced “education for hope” as her “Beauty with a Purpose” project with a hashtag “be the change you want to see”. Rafah further explains that about 60 million children approximately in Bangladesh live under poverty and everyday is a new challenge for them and she along with her club want to help them get a better living condition along with education. She mentioned about three schooling projects that she has been working on; one is school where they provide the children with free education along with all the materials they need to study. The other one is a kindergarten school and the last one is where Rafah and her team has taken responsibility of two girl child until they are 18 and provide them with everything they need. She mentioned that education can change people and people will change the world that is why education is important.