Miss World 2021 Winners of Head to Head Challenge

09 Dec 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The 70th edition of Miss World pageant, Miss World 2021, is set to be held on 16th December 2021 at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico where Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. There was no pageant held in 2020 due to the rampant spread of Covid-19 across the world.

The results of the Head to Head Challenge are in! Following a busy few weeks of interviewing each competitor in this year's Head to Head, the public was given the opportunity to vote for their favourite answers from the sixteen groups. With 1.4 billion views and 70 million votes, this year's Mobstar Voting platform set new milestones, making it busier than the previous few years combined.


Miss World 2021 Winners of Head to Head Challenge


The winners and their answers in each group:

Group 1: Nepal

Nepal’s Namrata Shrestha’s was queried on how she would address a climate change conference, to which she answered, “If I were to be in the conference not only as an individual but as a title holder as well, I would urge everybody to be aware of our actions regarding pollution. We as individuals can leave an impact on the communities, and the communities leading to nation and eventually the world. It is our responsibility to take care of our planet for which we have no replacement. If we respect nature, the nature will respect us back.”

Group 2: Indonesia

Carla Yules of Indonesia was asked, “What are the qualities, you think, a Miss World should have?” Carla beautifully answered, “There are so many aspects to have as a queen, but so many people think that a true queen should only be served but actually the true queen knows how to serve, wants to serve and needs to serve. The qualities that a true queen should have, she has to radiate kindness, compassion and has to be selfless in order to put others first. Most importantly, a true queen knows how to be a blessing for others.”

Group 3: Paraguay

Paraguay’s queen was asked, “How do you use your social media to make an impact?” Answering the question, Bethania Borba shared, “Well I joined social media 2 years ago, but I realized recently I could use the platform to be a leader. From my position, a young lady from Paraguay of 20 years old I use the hashtag #notocyberbulllying. Being on social media means a lot and one of those things is constantly being exposed and receiving messages from haters you don’t know, from all over the world without knowing how they feel at that moment. That’s why receiving messages from haters can push people to suffer from anxiety, depression and for some it ends in suicide. I keep pushing the hashtag on this platform with everyone saying no to cyber bullying.”

Group 4: Cayman Island

Cayman Islands was asked about what qualities she thinks Miss World should have. Rashana beautifully answered, “With the world the way that it is right now, the next Miss World has huge responsibility in her hands. She has to unite people in a time when we are all going through the same thing, the pandemic, the effects of the pandemic, mental health wise, financially, emotionally, so the next queen needs to be someone with an open heart and mind, empathetic and compassionate. She also needs to someone who lives her life as truly as she can.”

Group 5: Venezuela

Venezuela’s Alejandra Conde was asked, “If you could change something about the world, what would it be and why?” Conde answered, “I feel there are many things that need to change in the world but without a doubt, there is something that could encompass many things and it would be stop having limitations between each other, to understand that we all are one, that there is no culture, no color, there is no race. There is no situation that separates us. I feel that the pandemic, what we experienced, that was a difficult situation for each of us, was also a great lesson despite the fact that is was somewhat difficult because it taught us to be together. I feel that each one of these things that we live through, makes us recover, to understand that we are one world that we have to work together.”

Group 6: Trinidad and Tobago

Questioning Trinidad and Tobago, the host asked her about what qualities she thinks the Miss World should have. Jeanine beautifully answered, “I believe wearing the Miss World crown comes with a lot of strength, compassion and love. What matters is how much love you put into what you give. It doesn’t matter how small your project is, because no project is small once you put your heart and soul into it that is all you need and all that matters.”

Group 7: Mongolia

For Mongolia, the hosts asked her, “Have you learned more from your successes or your failures?” Burte-Ujin Anu crisply responded, “I would say its both because its okay to make a mistake, it gives us one more chance to get up so I learned it from that.

Group 8: Botswana

Palesa Molefe of Botswana was asked about the best advice she would give the next generation. She shared, “When I think of the future leaders of tomorrow, I think of innovators, I think of people who will break boundaries and succeed things that have already been met. I think of people who think outside of the box, I think of people who want to include different communities in projects that will propel us forward to be more technologically advanced and socially aware of our surroundings. I would urge the next generation to be those people. I would urge them to make seats, mix them on the table, to create space for bigger conversations to be had. People are different, we all have different minds, we think so differently to one another and that’s the beauty of us as people. Let us include each other in those conversations so that we can come up with greater solutions to the problems that we have right now.”

Group 9: Vietnam

Vietnam’s Do Thi Ha was aksed about what she values the most in life. She answered, “The thing that I value the most I exactly my family. The family is the biggest supporter and the biggest gift that I have ever received. No matter what it is, the success, the failure, they are always beside me and are the strong pillar for me to count on.”

Group 10: Cameroon

Cameroon’s Audrey Monkam was asked about the most important thing that parents should teach their children, to which she answered, “I think that children play a vital role for the future. There’s a common saying, we are the leaders of tomorrow, by the way we get to place in the future, is decided by how we were brought up. If a parent should have to bring his or her child up, then you should tell them, just be you, you are perfect, just the way you are. I do believe with their recent times, there has been an evolvement where there are norms in the society and people want to fit into it, but if you have this great background, you do not need to change for anyone, you can be who you are, wherever you are and whenever you want.”

Group 11: Phillipines

Tracy Perez of Philippines was asked, “If you woke up tomorrow and gained any ability, what would it be and why?” Tracy confidently responded, “I will go a little bit extreme with this one, by tomorrow I would love to learn, understand and be able to speak not just one more language but all the languages all over the world. Being here in Miss World, I realized that while it is the language of love and kindness, that is universal to all of us, it would be a bit more amazing if we could really talk freely and really understand each other and not hold back because of cultural differences and language barriers. I think that it also goes for the rest of the world, if every one of us really understood each other, if every one of us was able to really communicate with each other, then we would definitely live in a world where no one is left behind, everyone could speak up, everyone is heard, especially the underrepresented, the underprivileged, and again we will all live in a world where negativity is nowhere to be found.”

Group 12: Mexico

The hosts asked Mexico’s Karolina Vidales, “What is the most important thing parents should teach their children?” Appreciating the question coming her way, she answered, “I have always believed that young age is the most determining age of all because when children are so little and genuine they’re really absorbing everything they see and hear and something more important I think would be for them to learn to be children. They grow up around adults sometimes and just growing up over so many older people, you really have to find your personality and from a very young age know that you have to be yourself and really explore the different things there is to do. So I believe that parents must really involve in children, responsibility, self-love and the desire to follow their dreams.”

Group 13: Colombia

Colombia’s Andrea Aguilera was asked, “If you were granted one wish, what you would wish for.” She answered, “I wish that ego could disappear. I believe we live in a beautiful world with amazing people but sometimes people are focused on negative qualities and anger and that is because of their ego. So, I would love to see the beauty of their souls that is hidden behind their egos. I would like to see what people are in essence, what they want to do for humanity, their families. I would like to have the opportunity to know the souls of people, their true desires and sometimes it is impossible because we live in a world which is always in rush, people want to have more and more and maybe sometimes we forget what we really are as human being and as people and what do we have to share with the world. So, my wish would be to see the true heart and souls and people without ego.”

Group 14: Cote D’ivoire

Olivia Yace of Cote d’Ivoire was questioned asked, “What is the most important thing parents should tell their children?” She beautifully responded, “Parents are such a huge blessing in kid’s lives and trees of knowledge and I think the most important advice that parents could give to their kids is to embrace themselves, who they are and no matter what, never apologise fpor being who you are because when you know who you are, where you come from and when you know where you’re going, you are unstoppable.”

Group 15: Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s Sheynnis Palacios was asked about the biggest challenge that young girls face today. She answered, “The biggest challenge young women currently face is inequality. Although we have worked on it, salary inequality still exists. For example, many of the women in many regions do not have the same salaries as men because sexism continues to exist. It is something that has been worked out in my country. For example, it is a big challenge as a woman with a degree, can’t get a job and be paid the same as a man. This is because the man is seen as the head of the family, but they do not realize that today women can perform well in different areas, we can be great entrepreneurs, constructors as well as being incredible mothers. It’s something that’s fought for evrey day and I hope and trust that I can end.”

Group 16: Haiti

Haiti’s Erlande Berger was asked, “What is your daily motto?” She shared, “I have an aunty who told my mother about me, that she was investing in something that wasn’t worth it. Every time I remember that sentence, I say to myself I need to accomplish wonderful things in life because I need to make my mother proud, this is what I have, what I can do. And thanks to that I tell myself that I need to get involved, do business, prove to people that I have a lot of capabilities and that I can accomplish big things in life, this is why even though it wasn’t easy, I had to fight to get there. As a Miss World contestant in Haiti, it wasn’t easy at all but every time I remember the sentence I remember that I must keep going and now I’m proud, my mother is proud, my friends also and I know that when people say mean things, I need to take it as a source of motivation, this is what I did and here I am.”