Miss World 2021 Head to Head Challenge Interview – Group 7

02 Dec 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The 70th edition of Miss World pageant, Miss World 2021, is set to be held on 16th December 2021 at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico where Toni-Ann Singh of Jamaica will crown her successor at the end of the event finale. There was no pageant held in 2020 due to the rampant spread of Covid-19 across the world.

While almost all the delegates have finally arrived in the host country and have begun with the registration process for the competition, the Miss World organization has officially drawn groups for the Head to Head challenge of the 70th edition of the pageant.

The organization has recently begun with the group interviews for the challenge and the first interview that has been uploaded by the organization is of Group 7 including Jamaica, Czech Republic, Argentina, Netherlands, Mongolia and Equatorial Guinea.

The round was hosted by Vanessa Ponce de Leon Miss World 2018 and Jack Heslewood Miss World 2019. The stunning hosts introduced the challenge as they introduced the contestants, shared their presentation videos and asked questions and finally the contestants were asked questions at the end of the round.



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As the divas introduced themselves and took the audience through their beautiful countries, sharing about their cultures, people and beliefs. They also shared their passions and Beauty with a Purpose projects. Towards the end of the round, the six divas were all randomly questioned by the hosts.

Beginning with Jamaica, she was asked, “What would you be looking for if you were a judge at Miss World?” to which Khalia Hall answered, “First, I would be looking for someone who is genuine and true to themselves, they are not trying to put on to impress anyone but just staying authentic. Most importantly, I would be looking for someone who embodies Beauty with a Purpose, because that is ultimately the motto of Miss World. They have to be compassionate and empathetic because if they do win, they will travelling the world, working on different social issues and I think its important to be empathetic because you have to understand someone else’s situation and put yourselves in it in order to help them.”

Next up, Karolina Kopincova was asked what would be anything she could change in the world. She confidently answered, “I have one wish. I wish our planet, our world to be a kinder place for everyone who want it because we need to stop the violence. Often the victims of violence don’t deserve it and we need to start by our own, we need to teach our kinds the humility and solidarity because we have only one chance to be here.”

Amira Hidalgo of Argentina was asked, “How do you use your social media to make an impact?” Amira answered, “I consider that as a journalist and Miss World Argentina, I constantly have an impact on social media. This is what being a journalist and a Miss is all about. We must share what we do on each virtual platform, get out a message and make an impact. Whether it be with an action, with my perspective or with my voice which is very important. We are representatives of our countries so I think everything we do creates action. I think we need to push messages on social media.”



Next in line for Netherlands, she was asked, “How would you address a climate change conference.” Lizzy Dobbe answered, “I think that the most important thing is that we need to educate ourselves because climate change is happening and we don’t see it in our everyday lives but it is happening. We can make a change with little things like buying second-hand clothes or use less plastic or turn our lights off. If we all do that we can change the world, because we only have one of it, so we need to take care of it.”

Now for Mongolia, the hosts asked her, “Have you learned more from your successes or your failures?” Burte-Ujin Anu crisply responded, “I would say its both because its okay to make a mistake, it gives us one more chance to get up so I learned it from that.”

Last but not the least, Equatorial Guinea was asked, “What do you think the world needs to hear right now?” Lucila Mibuy confidently answered, “The message that I want to get out to the people now is that yes we’ve suffered for almost two years with Covid. We’ve been strong but need more strength. We need to keep going and stay united so nothing can stop us. Yes we had many losses but some people have been able to fight this disease and I wish them a lot of strength to carry on and congratulate them.”

The divas from all over the world will move forward in the 15 groups drawn by the organization, where each group will have a winner and then two by two winners will compete with one another until one ultimate winner is determined through voting on the Miss World website, who will then get an automatic spot in the top for the final night. In this challenge, each of the ladies are being given the chance to speak about their passions and Beauty with a Purpose projects.