Miss World 2021 Top 6 Q/A round

17 Mar 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The 70th edition of Miss World was held on Wednesday, 16th March 2022 at José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Karolina Bielawska of Poland was crowned as Miss World 2021. She bested 39 candidates to win the title.

Before the winner was announced, the top six finalists; Miss World USA 2021 Shree Saini, Miss World Cote D'Ivoire 2021 Olivia Yacé, Miss World Poland 2021 Karolina Bielawska, Miss World Indonesia 2021 Carla Yules, Miss World Mexico 2021 Karolina Vidales and Miss World Northern Ireland 2021 Anna Leitch were put through a grilling question and answer round. This was their last chance to impress the judges and win the audience with their intelligent and witty answers.


Miss World 2021 Karolina Bielawska


Let’s take a look at the questions asked to the finalists for the title of Miss World 2021 and their answers. First up was Olivia Yacé, who was was asked, “What have we learnt from the Covid pandemic?” to which she answered,” Good evening, I have learned from the Covid pandemic that we can always try harder to be better, to improve life. During the Covid pandemic, I think we all went through a lot but the most important was try to push through and to always try to find a solution because I believe that in life, its not about falling but its about every time you fall to be able to get back up.”

Next question was directed to Indonesia’s Carla Yules. She was asked,” Can we ever overcome inequality?” to which she replied, “Yes, absolutely. I do think we can overcome inequality by respecting each other between women and men and I do think that inequality will submerge if we keep each other and we keep respecting each other, our presents and the way we think and that is why I think that we can overcome if we are joint together and we can overcome it.”

Third in line was USA’s Shree Saini who was asked,” Which human right do you value the most?” to which she said, “The human right that I value the most is dignity. Because when we listen to other person’s perspective, we are able to communicate with them, find their problems and give them solutions. So its very important that we see everyone as equal even if they live in places or are in situations where they aren’t blessed with the basic rights of shelter, food, water, healthcare. We need to give the gift of dignity and listen and provide solutions and that is exactly the work that a Miss World does. She helps communities around the world by giving resources and aid and it would be my highest honour to be your ambassador for Miss World.”


Miss World 2021 Top 6


Miss World Northern Ireland 2021 Anna Leitch was the next to answer. She was asked,” How has Miss World empowered you?” to which she said, “I would say that l have learnt a lot from being at Miss World, from being part of this experience. It has been absolutely incredible, I mean I am primary school teacher at Northern Island, a little country girl and now I am standing on the Miss World stage in front of all of you. Its absolutely crazy but no its just, we are women from all over the globe, we are different and unique in so many ways, you know from our background, culture, our religion and it has been so lovely to be able to just getting that opportunity to listen to one another. Share with each other our experiences and actually learn from each other, so we can work together to achieve a much better outcome. I think never stop learning , that’s something I have definitely learnt and that is a part of me.”

Next question was for Miss World Poland 2021. She was asked,” What is the most important discovery yet to be discovered?” to which she responded,” The most important discovery, I believe that this is no one, but every day we learn something new and we all have unique experiences and all of us could learn something about ourselves and to be more authentic person, what I have discovered is that it cause us so little to enrich the life of others and this is the cause that we can all afford and believe me its worth its price. So, if you would like to discover something new, just try to learn to give more in empathy, in compassion, in gratitude because we can all do it as I mentioned before. We can all be great because everyone can share and this discovery seems so simple but its actually life building.

The final question was for Miss World Mexico 2021 Karolina Vidales. The question was, “What would you say to the future generation about protecting the planet?” to which Vidales answered,” I have always believed that child are the future of our world, therefore we really need to take care of them and share love and something important nowadays is also letting them know the importance of taking care of our planet. We take this planet for granted but it is not. We enjoy nature, I personally love nature and I think that what we really need to do that start from home. Everything is determined by home, children, youth is the most determining age in someone’s life and therefore everyone who is listening to me and all the children who surround you, we are all responsible for taking care of this planet.”