Miss World Asia 2019 Suman Rao praised for advocating equality on ‘Women’s Equality Day’

28 Aug 2020 | Ana Walia

Suman Rao who represented India at Miss World 2019 stage and was adjudged as the second runner-up along with Miss World Asia 2019 award at the end of the event finale discusses about bringing in the equality into the society.

26th August 2020 is celebrated as Women’s Equality Day and in such a prestigious occasion, the diva who is herself working to empower the women in the country advocates on the same. She is known as the few visionaries from India who have been able to give the women of the country an equal stature in the society and is working every day to make it possible for every woman to have an independent or an individual life. Born in Rajasthan’s Aaidana village near Udaipur, Suman shifted to Mumbai when she was a child but was able to relate with the fact that there was a section of the women even today who still lived under the shadow of men and have no voice of their own.



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After her big win at Miss World 2019 as Miss World 2019 second runner-up, Suman’s native village organized a felicitation ceremony for the diva where she also spoke about her “beauty with a purpose’; a project that is very close to her heart. During the speech, Suman beautifully addressed the topic and said, “I noticed that people were addressing my father by his name but when it came to my mother, she was being addressed as Ratan Singh Rao’s (Suman’s father’s name) wife. A woman has her individuality. My mother’s name is Sushila Kunwar Rao and she should be addressed by her name.”

So, on Women’s Equality Day, she was praised by the organization of Miss World India for her immsenly dedicated work to bring in the little but effective changes in the society in terms of equality. Suman had mentioned, ‘We need to see men and women as equals. She remembered her speech and her motive behind her beauty with a purpose project where she mentioned that her father has never differentiated between her brothers and her and treated all of them equally. He has supported Suman’s dream of being a beauty queen and motivated her throughout the competition. The beauty queen also stated, “A lot of people told me that since I live in Mumbai, things are a lot easier for me. That’s not true. It’s because of my father’s mindset – of treating men and women as equals – that I was able to achieve what I wanted to.”



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With her ‘Beauty with a Purpose’ project she aims to empower underprivileged women residing in the rural areas of her home state, Rajasthan by generating employment opportunities with the help of resources available around their area and by putting to use their skill-set, fostering financial independence, to increase the female literacy ratio and to improve the existing condition of women in the state. Prior to being a beauty queen, she was a chartered accountancy student who has now encouraged the women to open bank accounts and has also shared the importance of being financially independent.