All about Miss World Australia 2022 Kristen Wright for Miss World 2023

20 Jan 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

Kristen Wright was crowned Miss World Australia 2023 at the finale of the national pageant held on 29th April 2022 at the Palazzo Versace as she became the official representative of Australia at Miss World 2023. Australia is returning to Miss World after an absence of 3 years since it withdrew its participation in 2021.

Kristen Wright hails from Mornington, Victoria. She is currently studying Biomedical Science to pursue a career in Paediatric Speech Pathology. Kristen is also a specialty scuba diving instructor with over 36 certifications and was one of the youngest instructors to be certified in Victoria. Kristen has shown her professionalism and leadership skills as she escorted 17 divers to Vanuatu to dive the incredible SS President Coolidge in 2019 with a colleague of hers. Moreover, Kristen was a national gymnast for over 10 years, and has acquired a large collection of trophies to show for her hard work and dedication.



On winning the Miss World Australia crown, Kristen took to her official social media as she expressed her emotions in a post captioned, "Honoured is an understatement for how I feel having the privilege to represent my country on the international stage, displaying our tenacity, generosity and kind nature to the world that makes us the Aussies we’re known for. I want to thank those who have continued supporting me throughout the last year, including my sponsors and organisation, showing me encouragement, love, and compassion for not only myself, but also for those that I have had the privilege of working with so far. I view Miss World, let alone Miss World Australia, as an occupation with significant humanitarianism responsibilities, which I deem a privilege to communicate and exemplify the cherished values of ‘Beauty with a Purpose.’ The admirable display of fervor, determination, and kindness by all participants thus far is a testament to their commendable character, and I am honoured to partake in this exceptional experience alongside such remarkable women."



As Miss World Australia, Kristen is deeply committed to working with local businesses and organisations that are the backbone of the communities. Community involvement is an integral part of Kristen's identity, and it's a privilege to carry this commitment forward as an ambassador for Australia. For her, Miss World Australia is not just about wearing a crown; it's about representing the values and aspirations of her country at the international stage. 

Using her platform as Miss World Australia 2023, Kristen has been able to launch her Beauty with a Purpose Project, Educate Resuscitate, which involves travelling to indigenous communities, youth centres and schools to teach basic first aid, water safety and marine ecology. Kristen also advocates for The Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation which is committed to it’s mission of aiding children battling cancer by offering crucial financial support to mobile home care units and outreach programs. The Foundation allocates nearly $1 Million annually across Australia, primarily directed towards enabling major children's hospitals to hire Clinical Nurse Consultants (CNCs) for operating outreach programs. 



After a long wait, the 71st edition of Miss World will be held on 9th March 2024 in Mumbai, India where Miss World 2022 Karolina Bielawska of Poland will crown her successor at the end of the event finale.