Best winning answers of Miss World queens in recent years

17 Feb 2022 | Camilla Suarez

The question-and-answer round is one of the most anticipated segments of every international beauty pageant. In this round, the judges and the audience judge the delegates based on their quick but intelligent thinking. The top 5 contestants are given a question and expected to come up with a thoughtful response in just mere seconds.

In recent years, we have heard some brilliant and quick-witted answers by the top finalists at Miss World pageant but there was just one answer out of five that stood out and impressed the judges and went onto become a statement. The winning answer given by the delegate was crowned as the winner by the end of the event finale.  Out of all those answers, few have not only made a statement for everyone but has stayed in the mind of people till now. Let’s look at the best winning answers of Miss World queens in the recent years.

Mireia Lalaguna represented Spain at Miss World 2015 pageant on 19th December 2015, held in Sanya, China. After advancing to the top five, she answered the question "Why do you think you should win Miss World 2015?" with the following answer:

“I think I should be the next Miss World because I believe in strong women. Also, I always try to give my best. I believe in Beauty with a Purpose and I can continue its legacy. I want to show the world how to love and share, give the best of ourselves and show everyone how to find happiness in helping each other.”



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For the final question that the Top 5 candidates at Miss World 2016 had to answer, Stephanie Del Valle was asked, “If you had an opportunity to change something about the world, what would it be?”

She answered: “If I had an opportunity to change something about the world, I think what I would do is send the message of how important it is to change exclusion for acceptance, to promote and provide justice for others, and the importance of helping those in need.”



Let’s see the brilliant and touching answer that made Manushi Chhillar win the crown of Miss World 2017. Question asked to her was “Which profession deserves the highest salary and why”?

She said, “Since I am very close to my mother, I think a mother deserves the highest respect and when you talk about salary, I don’t think it’s not about cash but it’s the love and respect you give to someone and I think my mom has been the biggest inspiration in my life. All mothers sacrifice so much for their kids, so the profession that deserves the highest salary, the history respect and love should be of a mother.”



In Miss World 2018's final round, Mexico's Vanessa Ponce was asked how she would use her influence as Miss World to help others. Vanessa's winning answer was, "I'd use my position...by being an example. We all have to be kind...it doesn't cost a thing...There's always someone who will need what you have to offer. Help anyone you can, guys."



Toni- Ann Singh Miss World Jamaica 2019 was asked, “Why should you win the title of Miss World 2019?” by Piers Morgan. Toni went onto answer the question by saying, "I think I represent something special...a generation of women who are pushing forward to change the world. I don't consider myself better than any other girls on the stage, but I will say that my passion for women and making sure that they have had the same opportunities that I have had, is something that sets me apart."



“Who is the most inspiring woman in the world for you?” was the second question Piers asked Miss Jamaica 2019. Toni answered that, "The most inspiring woman to me is my mother. Now I must say, if my mother and my father are the roots, and I'm the tree, then really, any work that I do, anything that I'm able to change in the world...It is the fruits of their labor and I watched her pour everything into me, even at the sacrifice of her own wants and her needs, and that's why I am able to sit before you today.”