Vy Sreyvin crowned Miss World Cambodia 2019

31 Oct 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

The first ever edition of Miss World Cambodia, i.e. Miss World Cambodia 2019, hosted its coronation night just hours ago where 20 candidates will compete for the national crown. At the end of the event finale, Vy Sreyvin was crowned the new queen.

Vy Sreyvin gave an incredible performance at the national contest to win the inaugural edition. The stunning Cambodian beauty stands 170 cm tall and she’s also the winner of Khmer Supermodel Cycle 10 proving that she will not only be a fierce competition for the other ladies but might as well be on the track to win the first international crown for her country.


Vy Sreyvin crowned Miss World Cambodia 2019


The newly crowned queen’s court included –

First Runner-Up – In Leakena

Second Runner-Up – Yorn Somphors

The twenty contestants who competed for Miss World Cambodia 2019 are Leang Kimsreang, Siek Chievmey, Ken Thidapich, Orn Soklin, Som Kuykheang, Vy Sreyvin, Sorn Sokkhim, Srey Teayika, Rorn Ounneang, Yorn Somphors, Reoun Rothika, Chum Sreyten, Eang Sreynuch, Vuth Thidavin, Khoes Vanin, Moun Sreyneath, Ret Chantha, Korn Sokira, Heang Sreycheng, In Leakena.


Vy Sreyvin crowned Miss World Cambodia 2019


The crown worn by the winner is the work of Christ's design. The idea of creating this crown is from the design of the highest crown of an angel. The newly designed crown of Miss World Cambodia is worth the $ 15,000 amount that will be transferred from one winner to the other winner of Miss World Cambodia.

Congratulations to the newly crowned queen!