Svetlana Mamaeva crowned Miss World Canada 2020

08 Nov 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

The organization of Miss World Canada hosted the finale of Miss World Canada 2020 few hours ago where Svetlana Mamaeva was crowned Miss World Canada 2020 and became an official candidate to represent Canada at Miss World 2020. The winner succeeds Miss World Canada 2019 Naomi Colford for the title.

Svetlana is a recent business graduate, a model, and a young professional in the energy industry. She has graduated with honors from one of the leading business programs in Canada at Schulich School of Business. Svetlana’s goal is to make financial education more accessible for women across Canada through her free financial literacy program FinPowered. She is very excited to take over the crown duties as Miss World Canada 2020. She was one of her favorites for the title as well as she had shown immense dedication and potential.



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Miss World Canada 2020 Svetlana Mamaeva’s court includes:

First Runner Up: Sara Winter

Second Runner Up: Sasha Lombardi

Third Runner Up: Kaitlyn Li

Fourth Runner Up: Laura Pastor

The diva always had a passion for pageantry and stage performance and was adjudged as the third runner-up at Miss Universe Canada 2019. Last year, she successfully represented Canada at the Miss Tourism World pageant obtaining the 1st runner up placement. Svetlana volunteers her time for several charitable organizations. She has been involved with the Canadian Cancer Society for three years and held various leadership roles for the largest volunteer led breast cancer event in Canada. She also had several speaking engagements to promote awareness and community involvement for this cause.



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Before moving to Canada, Svetlana successfully represented Republic of Moldova at an international pageant where she placed as the first runner up. She is working towards the opportunity to represent Canada with the same determination and passion. The diva had mentioned that her grand mother has always inspired her to do things in life with the same fearless and passionate attitude.

Svetlana has used her academic and professional experience to design a free financial literacy program for women across Canada. This beauty with a purpose initiative, FinPowered, provides accessible and informative workshops in the face of a global recession.