Meet Catalina Quintero Miss World Colombia 2023 for Miss World 2024

02 Jan 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

Catalina Quintero was crowned Miss World Colombia 2023 (Miss Mundo Colombia 2023) at the finale held on Saturday, 12th August 2023 at Club Militar de Oficiales in Bogotá. Catalina, since her win, has been preparing to represent Colombia at Miss World 2024.

Catalina is 23 years of age and was born in Bogotá. She is an International Business Administrator with an honourable mention in Sustainability and Circular Economy from the Universidad de la Sábana. A fluent speaker of English and French, Catalina is a strong orator.



Catalina Quintero is a confident and resilient woman who cares about education and the impact one has on the environment. For her empowerment is not a word; it is a mindset, a movement that celebrates the strength, resilience and potential of all. According to her, empowered women are the changers, pioneers who inspire others to achieve what they set out to do, pursue their passions and their dreams.

Catalina’s mission as a woman and as Miss World Colombia is to represent her country by promoting the culture and values ??of Colombia internationally. She wants to use this platform to generate a positive impact on herself and society, through projects and actions that promote quality educational development, gender equality and respect for diversity, environmental protection and sustainability.



The Colombian beauty’s aim is to raise awareness in society about the importance of caring for and preserving natural resources through educational processes with the participation from all the citizens of the country. It is her pride to wear her country’s sash and show a level of commitment towards representing her country at Miss World.

Catalina succeeds Camila Pinzón Miss World Colombia 2022 who is also preparing to represent her country at Miss World 2023 which is scheduled to be held in India this March. After that, Miss World 2024 will be held, possibly later in the year, in a country yet to be announced.