Meet the Finalists of Miss Danmark 2017

30 Aug 2017 | Angelopedia

The Miss World Denmark 2017 (Miss Danmark 2017) is on its road to the finale, which is scheduled to be held on 23rd September 2017. The winner of Miss World Denmark 2017 will represent Denmark in the Miss World 2017 pageant. The reigning Miss World Denmark, Helena Heuser, will pass the crown and reign to her successor at the conclusion of the finale.

This year a total of thirty finalists have been shortlisted to compete for the coveted crown, and the candidates are -

Line Amrita Andersen

Tanja Baunsgaard Hansen

Sari Rosendal

Astrid Foldarskard

Simone Gadegaard Andersen

Lotte Santa

Amanda Petri

Cecilie Steffensen

Cecilie Dissing

Melanie Litgov

Josephine Mikkonen Sorensen

Amanda Louise Creutzberg

Monique Mallya Mechlenburg

Alicia Gravgard Yahiya

Sophie Fournais

Mille Kathrine Malihini Jul

Kristine Nielsen

Julie Kjaer

Camilla Berthelsen

Sabrina Jovanovic

Anna Stella Diekelmann

Cecilie Kaas

Serine Andersen

Mette Emma Madsbjerg Pagh

Pernille Laura Sorensen

Jasmin Frandsen

Shania Idit Iversen Barrientos

Sofie Loft

Madeline Ellegaard

Laura Windeballe Pedersen

Miss Danmark is the oldest and most prestigious beauty contest in Denmark with its history dating back to 1926. 

Who do you think will win the coveted crown of Miss World Denmark 2017?


Miss Denmark 2017- Meet the Finalists