María Auxiliadora Idrovo crowned Miss World Ecuador 2019 for Miss World 2019

28 Apr 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

At the grand coronation night of Miss World Ecuador 2019 held just hours ago, María Auxiliadora Idrovo was crowned the new queen and will now represent Ecuador in Miss World 2019. She succeeds and was crowned by Miss World Ecuador 2018 Nicol Ocles.

María Auxiliadora Idrovo represented Guayaquil in the national pageant and with her incredible performance won everyone’s hearts at the finale. The 17-year-old is currently a. bachelor’s student and will for sure be a force to be reckoned with at the international stage. The newly crowned queen’s court included -


María Auxiliadora Idrovo crowned Miss World Ecuador 2019 for Miss World 2019


First Runner-Up - Andrea Quito de Morona Santiago

Second Runner-Up - Fernanda Yépez de Manabí

The national pageant was quite well organised, being based on the Miss World’s format. The delegates were prepared thoroughly for the international form and with the help of the experts and under brilliant supervision, they passed with flying colours.



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Twenty gorgeous beauties competed for the national crown – Angeles Anguisaca Cuenca, Maria Jose Ledesma Caluma, Joselin Guizado Azogues, Cinthia Lopez Pallatanga, Mara, Pamela Bravo Latacunga, Ruth Maldonado Machala, Sugey Delgado, Maria Jose Cordova, Paola Zamora Guayaquil, Naomi Cardenas Ibarra, Jaidy Saavedra Calvas, Kelly Escobar Quevedo, Fernanda Yepez Manta, Andrea Quito Macas, Maria Auxiliadora Idrova, Diana Mejia Joya De Los Sachas, Samantha Orellana Quito, Susan Toledo Salinas, Camila Valencia.

A number of Preliminary competitions were also organised of which only a few emerged as the winners –

Top Model Competition winner- Mara Topic

Sports Challenge winner - María José Ledesma

Dances of Ecuador winner - María Auxiliadora Idrovo

Head to Head Challenge Yellow Team winner - Angeles Aguisaca

Head to Head Challenge Blue Team winner - Joselin Guizado

Head to Head Challenge Red Team winner - Cinthia López Borja

Head to Head Challenge Beach Beauty winner - Paola Zamora

Congratulations to the newly crowned queen.