‘I wake up each day with the purpose’: In Conversation with Miss World Ecuador ’24, Sandra Alvarado

01 Jul 2024 | Aakanksha Chugh

Sandra Alvarado, the stunning 24-year-old Miss World Ecuador, is not just a titleholder but a trailblazer with a mission. In an exclusive interview with Angelopedia, Sandra opens up about her multifaceted life as a lawyer, musician, and advocate for children’s education through her project, El Rincón del Futuro.



"I wake up each day with the purpose of showing that women can manifest beauty through intelligence, values, art, and altruism," Sandra shares passionately. Her dedication to sports, music, and language classes highlights her commitment to self-improvement and excellence.

Sandra’s journey is driven by her love for her country and her desire to make a lasting impact. "Ecuador is facing a crisis of violence and crime, and many children are at risk," she explains. Her project, El Rincón del Futuro, aims to provide extracurricular education to children in vulnerable areas, offering them a brighter future away from crime.


Miss World Ecuador 2024 Sandra Alvarado


Despite the demanding path, Sandra finds joy in small pleasures. "One of my favorite singers is Alicia Keys, and her song 'If I Ain't Got You' resonates deeply with me," she says. The song’s message about the importance of genuine connections over material possessions mirrors Sandra’s own values.

Beyond her professional achievements, Sandra enjoys dancing and cooking, embracing these activities for the fun and exploration they bring. Her love for sweets adds a delightful touch to her personality, showing her playful side amidst her rigorous preparations.


Miss World Ecuador 2024 Sandra Alvarado


Sandra’s commitment to her project has transformed her as both a woman and a human being. "We’ve been teaching children for two years that there are other possibilities in life. They are the direct door to success and the construction of a better country," she shares.

Ecuador, with its rich culture and immense potential, is a country Sandra proudly represents. Her gratitude for the love and support she receives fuels her determination to continue championing good actions. "Let’s continue together in this dream of conquering the world with kindness and purpose," she says with a smile.



With love and energy, Sandra Alvarado is not just a beauty queen but a beacon of hope and excellence.

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