Miss World Indonesia 2020 Pricilia Carla Yules receives Indonesia’s Beautiful Women Award 2021

21 Apr 2021 | Angelique Reyes

Miss World Indonesia 2020 Pricilia Carla Yules was awarded as one of the 21 Indonesia’s Beautiful Women Award 2021 by Highend Magazine on 21st April 2021 at MNC Conference Hall, iNews Tower Building, Jakarta. The theme of the event was ‘Embracing Womanhood’.

The official account of the magazine described the beauty queen as someone who has won the hearts of the entire nation with her beautiful soul. She draws a lot of inspiration from her idol, Ashley Graham. “I completely agree with Ashley Graham, women are supposed to be different and unique. For us models, let’s all do our work without these labels.”



The beauty queen took to her social media to thank the magazine by mentioning, “I AM BLESSED BEYOND BELIEF #ThankGod. To be selected as one of Indonesia’s Beautiful Women 2021 by Highend Magazine. This award not only for me, but also for all women in our nation for doing our best, turning our hard work into success, with determination, integrity, and never-ending compassion. For the most part, thank you for embracing the womanhood that allows us to shine with the beauty and strength of a diamond to illuminate the world.”

Carla Yules is preparing herself for the Miss World 2021 competition scheduled to take place in Puerto Rico in December. She has managed to impress everyone with her charming face and smile and her strong presence with which she is confident that she will be able to represent the country in the best way possible. The beauty queen with a noble heart has been volunteering for a while now and has managed to cook and serve meals at homeless shelters in Melbourne.



The beauty queen promotes the natural beauty of the beaches, cultural heritage, food, and animals that her community has. She is strong, confident, and dedicated towards her goals which as of now is to represent Indonesia at Miss World 2021. Carla believes in making one happy and treating oneself with kindness should be everyone’s priority because only you can achieve the dreams you have seen for yourself. The diva has been a host on multiple TV shows which has allowed her to improve her confidence, enhance communication skills and give her career a push. Carla is extremely grateful for the opportunities that have come her way to make her a stronger, and a positive queen.

Being awarded as one of the 21 Indonesia’s Beautiful Women Award 2021, Carla believes that women should be appreciated more and given more such chances to prove themselves because women have a lot of potentials.