Evelyn Njambi awards scholarships to 5 kids of a family!

03 Feb 2017 | Angelopedia

Evelyn Njambi who won the Miss World Kenya 2016 and went on to represent the country at the Miss World 2016 beauty pageant has not failed to fulfill her advocacy. The beauty was adjudged as the first runner up at the Miss World Kenya 2016, but was later crowned when the winner got dethroned. Not only, she had done her best to achieve the fourth runner up position at the beauty contest, but also didn’t forget what she stood for.

The beauty recently awarded scholarships to five kids from the Mombasa County so that they can pursue their education. The kids had dropped out of school around three years ago as low-income lead the family to a position where they couldn’t afford education. The Saidi sisters namely, Mwanamkasi, Somoye, Mwanamvua, Mwanahamisi, and Maridhia, are aged between four to fifteen years. They were awarded full scholarships to study and pursue their dreams. The scholarship was offered by International Academies.

The girls seem grateful. Maridhia, the eldest of the five, said “Our father is jobless and he asked us to stop going to school as he could not afford it. We used to go nights without food. Life has been very difficult after mum left, we don’t know where she is!” Four year old Mwanamkasi aspires to become a police officer and Njambi feels lucky to have supported her and the others.

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Bridge International Academies share that they collaborated with Evelyn as she is an active advocate for education of disadvantaged children. She is leading the project ‘Reach for the Stars.’ The 22 year old beauty queen quoted Nelson Mandela during her question-answer session saying, “We should begin by empowering every child in the world to understand that education is important. Former South African President Nelson Mandela said that it is the weapon they should use to face the future…So let’s first educate our parents that education is important and then we will have all children on board that education is important to achieve their dreams.”

Now, isn’t she the perfect inspiration for many? What do you all say…?


Evelyn Njambi awards scholarships to 5 kids of a family!