Shrinkhala Khatiwada visits her Beauty with a Purpose advocacy village

31 Dec 2018 | Angelique Reyes

Nepal’s representative in Miss World 2018, Shrinkhala Khatiwada has been a very influential entity since the beginning of her participation in the coveted beauty pageant. She was one of the Top 12 during the finale and it was accredited to her flawless Beauty with a Purpose project, which is considered one of the most essential segments in the selection process of Miss World.

Shrinkhala’s Beauty with a Purpose project revolved around the designing and the building of healthcare centres in remote areas. She has a degree in Architecture and it is fitting that she wants to use the knowledge that she has gained over the years to help her nation. Shrinkhala’s personal motto is 'You can do it’ and that makes her unstoppable in every aspect of her life.


Shrinkhala Khatiwada visits her Beauty with a Purpose advocacy village


Recently, Shrinkhala went back to advocacy on which she based her Beauty with a Purpose project on and distributed clothes, blankets, mattresses and other essentials required during winters in five villages of Kailash. She thanks the donors and communities who came in to help her on her mission. We at Angelopedia thinks that it is remarkable that Shrinkhala is still true to her advocacy.

The Nepalese beauty also took to her official Instagram account to share the humongous project come to life and what, “It's been long since I last posted. I've been occupied with a site visit, meetings, interviews and catching up with friends and family. Last week, we went back to the Chepang village with 3 trucks full of Nyano Maya. A massive project of providing warm layers of clothes, blankets and mattresses to 5 villages of Kailash, done in such short span!”


Shrinkhala Khatiwada visits her Beauty with a Purpose advocacy village


Shrinkhala then thanked the initiator of Project Nyano and continued, “With the overwhelming amount of support, we ended up collecting 11000kgs (this is the final stat) of old clothes. 180kgs of wearable ones were distributed 3 weeks back. Remaining were turned into 5kg blankets and 15 kg mattresses. We ended up with 10 times more than what we started out with. This project was done when I was in Sanya. This project has strengthened my belief that collective efforts can bring us closer to one simple goal of a happy world.”

Angelopedia wishes her all the very best for her future ventures!