Miss World 2019 Beauty With A Purpose winner Anushka Shrestha’s winning video

18 Dec 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss World 2019, the 69th edition of Miss World, is over with Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh winning the coveted crown and making history. But, as important as the crown, the Beauty with a Purpose projects of the delegates also created a huge impact on the audience. At the finale, Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha was awarded the coveted title of BWAP winner as she proved yet again how strong and compassionate, she is to bring a change in her country.

With her advocacy video being posted by Miss World just hours ago, the fruition of her efforts and all the hard work she put in can be seen by the whole world now. Her advocacy was to uplift the community in Solsing which lived in acute poverty and misery. With Earthquake destroying the lives of countless people, this community in Solsing was also majorly affected as the people lost their homes and jobs.


Miss World 2019 Beauty With A Purpose winner Anushka Shrestha’s winning video


Anushka’s project was based on two simple principles which were Education and Livelihood generation so that the community could rise from the ashes. For the education, she began hiring private school mentors to provide the education to the students, giving lunch boxes to children to eat which was a huge problem before and handing them study materials.

For livelihood generation, the women were taught how to weave carpets, incense stick making training with plants surrounding the village, candle making training while the men are being trained to make bricks and cutting stones. This has generated a stable income in the households. The 23-year-old Nepali beauty singlehandedly uplifted a whole community with her dedicated efforts. A dedicated team and various investors who believed in her vision also gave her immense support and courage to follow her vision.

Here is the full Beauty with a Purpose video of Miss World 2019 BWAP winner Anushka –