Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha follows in the footsteps of Shrinkhala Khatiwada at Miss World 2019

14 Dec 2019 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss World hosted its 69th edition of the pageant tonight at Excel London, United Kingdom where the Nepali beauty Anushka Shrestha won the coveted ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ award amongst her numerous achievements this year.

The diva gracefully followed in the footsteps of Shrinkhala Khatiwada Miss World Nepal 2018 and after winning the BWAP, it was proven that she had the similar successful journey as Shrinkhala. Last year, Shrinkhala made it till Top 12 and the same was achieved by Anushka as she won the Head to Head Challenge. Shrestha, just like Shrinkhala was also a mega favourite contestant in the competition this year. Just like her, she won the multimedia award as well. And with Khatiwada’s influential journey, Anushka got inspired and made it to the Top 12. Comparing the performances of both, it was clearly seen that they have been marvelous and with confidence, gave remarkable performances in the competition.


Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha follows in the footsteps of Shrinkhala Khatiwada at Miss World 2019


Anushka Shrestha was a proud representative of Nepal for the title of Miss World 2019. When asked about her “Beauty with Purpose” project, Anuskha mentioned that it is around “Capability Development”. She mentioned that, it is a pilot project starting with the remote village, basically focusing on the mothers and the children of the families. With this project she wishes to take a step towards educating them, providing scholarships, adding more teachers with more teaching material and teacher training. Knowing the fact that only funding through donations won’t last long, so making their parents active income generators would be another step with this project. Helping them with practice on their and some new market skills like carpet weaving, stone making and many more so that they could fund their own children’s education and raise them better.

Anushka is a 23-year-old gleaming beauty who stands 167 cm tall and hails from Kathmandu. She is a commerce graduate, who worked at one of the biggest financial institutions in Australia - CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia). She graduated from the Australian Catholic University in Sydney with the Executive Dean’s commendation in 2017. This beauty enjoys public speaking, watching crime thrillers and television dramas.


Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha follows in the footsteps of Shrinkhala Khatiwada at Miss World 2019


The beauty deservingly earned the title of Miss World Nepal 2019 and the privilege to represent Nepal in Miss World 2019 beauty pageant. In an exclusive interview with Angelopedia prior to her crowning, when asked about in which international pageant she would like to represent Nepal, Anushka was very clear and her categorical choice was Miss World. Her response was “Miss World… As the beauty-with-a-purpose theme of this title is the one that resonates most closely to me.” And Indeed it did as she won the coveted title!

The diva was confident for Miss World 2019, as she prepared well for it. She has been an optimistic and free-spirited diva who was all enthusiastic for the grand Miss World. With her experience and her outstanding performances, the diva did such a great job in the finale. Winning so many titles in Miss World 2019, the diva was favourite of all. She proved her worth in the competition with her great pursuance.

Congratulations to the diva!