Miss World 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round with Piers Morgan

14 Dec 2019 | Camilla Suarez

Miss World 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round with Piers Morgan


The coronation night of 69th edition of Miss World was held today i.e 14th December 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom. The pageant was hosted by Megan Young and Peter Andre. Miss World 2018 Vanessa Ponce de Leon crowned her successor Jamaica’s Toni-Ann Singh at the end of the event.

The Miss World question and answer round is one of the most highly anticipated segments of the pageant and this year, more so, as the top 5 finalists were asked a question by TV personality Piers Morgan for the first time ever. They were expected to come up with an impressive answer in just mere seconds. Question and Answer round is the part where the delegates try to impress the jury with their answers before the judges make their final call on the winner.

Let’s look at the questions asked by the Piers Morgan to the Top 5 finalists for the title of Miss World 2019 and the exceptionally well-defined answers by them:


Miss World 2019 Top 5 Question and Answer Round with Piers Morgan


Nyekachi Douglas Miss World Nigeria 2019

Piers Morgan asked Miss World Nigeria 2019 Nyekachi Douglas “Why should you be Miss World 2019?” Nyekachi answered the question very confidently and explained that she and all the girls in the competition have worked very hard to win the title. But the one thing that makes her unique is her life experiences as she explains that she has been through a lot and it’s important to be yourself sometimes. She mentioned that she came to London and she was wearing a wig but she didn’t feel comfortable so she took it off. She gave a message to all the girls out there to be comfortable as you are because that is important.

Piers went onto ask Miss Nigeria 2019 “What is that one thing that Nigeria can teach the rest of the world?” Nyekachi stated that Nigeria has the largest entertainment industry in Africa. She went onto say that Nigeria can teach love to the rest of the world. They have the biggest hearts and treat everyone with same love and respect.

Elís Miele Coelho Miss World Brazil 2019

Elis Miele Coelho Miss World Brazil 2019 was asked “Why do you think you should win the title of Miss World 2019?” by Piers Morgan. The diva from Brazil answered the question with ease and smile we need a purpose in life to change the world. She mentioned that she is here to represent all the girls and their projects and would love to work not as an individual but together to make the world better.

Piers went to ask Miss Brazil another question “What do you think is the greatest threat your generation is facing in the world?” Elis answered that she believes that everyone should be their self and not mind what society thinks of us. According to her, being true to oneself is the mots important thing in world to change the world.

Suman Ratan Singh Rao Miss World India 2019

Piers enquired Suman Ratan Singh Rao Miss World India 2019 that her proudest moment was when she was able to pay her brother’s university’s fees. Suman went onto explain that she comes from a community where the roles of women are restricted including her mother who had to face a lot in her life. Despite all the struggle her mother had to face, she allowed the 21-year-old diva to choose her path and dream and be who wants to be.

Piers asked Suman, “If you could choose one famous figure from past or present to solve a global problem, who’d that be?” Suman answered that according to her we’ve had some great leaders in the past and we’ll have some great leader in the future but she can’t choose one. Instead she’d like to say that every individual present today has their own specific role in the society and if we just believe in ourselves, we can give back to the society and help change the world. She lastly mentioned that if she can do it, anyone can do it. Piers ended the round by saying he’d have Virat Kohli help solve a global problem.

Toni-Ann Singh Miss World Jamaica 2019

Toni- Ann Singh Miss World Jamaica 2019 was asked, “Why should you win the title of Miss World 2019?” by Piers Morgan. Toni went onto answer the question by saying that she represents something special; a generation of women who are pushing forward to change the world. She explained that she won’t consider herself better than any other girls on the stage but would like to say that her passion towards women and them having opportunities just like she had made her different from others.

“Who is the most inspiring woman in the world for you?” was the second question Piers asked Miss Jamaica 2019. Toni answered that her mother is the most inspiring woman in her life. She compared her parents to a tree and explained that if they are the roots and I am the tree, whatever I do is because of the fruits of their labours. She explained that she had seen her mother give so much in life including her wants and needs for her and that’s the only reason she is sitting in this chair. She then thanked her mother.

Ophély Mézino Miss World France 2019

Ophely Mezino Miss World France 2019 was asked, ‘What is about you on behalf of France that makes you a winner today?” Ophely mentioned that she is a child of deaf parents and she has over-come all the problems in the family. She has some personal disabilities and now she wants to impact the lives of others and that’s why she’s here.

Piers asked her that just like every other contestant, she wants to change the world for the better, so “how would she change the world for the better?” Ophely sounded confident by stating that with all the women present here at the competition, because each and everyone is courageous and she is so proud to share a stage with all these women.