Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha on the road of winning Beauty with a Purpose in Miss World 2019

15 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

The grand coronation night of Miss Nepal 2019, the 25th edition of Miss Nepal, was held on 9th May 2019 at Laboratory H.S. premises, Kirtipur, Nepal, where Anushka Shrestha was crowned the new queen.

The beauty deservingly earned the title of Miss World Nepal 2019 and the privilege to represent Nepal in Miss World 2019 beauty pageant which will be held in Thailand on 7th December 2019. In an exclusive interview with Angelopedia prior to her crowning, when asked about in which international pageant she would like to represent Nepal, Anushka was very clear and her categorical choice was Miss World. Her response was “Miss World… As the beauty-with-a-purpose theme of this title is the one that resonates most closely to me.”



Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha on the road of winning Beauty with a Purpose in Miss World 2019


She recently introduced herself along with her goals and motives for Miss World 2019. The diva started with,Embrace the Unknown: In a world full of opportunities and difficult choices to make. A world of uncertainty, but also with hopefulness. A world of chaos, but also of kindness. I am learning to embrace the life around me.” Growing up, the diva had a simple life, limited to a close knitted family, and a small group of friends. As time passed, a spark ignited within her that wanted to explore the world far from outside her comfort zone. And 5 years and 8 months ago, this burning curiosity took her ten thousand kilometres away from home. She had decided to pursue her graduate degree in a foreign land full of welcoming people and beautiful beaches, of which she is very fond of.  She found herself challenged and strengthened at the same time yet in between a rewarding professional and an equally blessed personal life, she still found herself longing for more, restless as if she hasn’t fulfilled her purpose yet. She longed for the spirit of Nepal and finally after some time, she came back to her homeland. She saw a world of opportunities in Nepal which was according to her, wider than the oceans of the world. The stunning diva believes that she is still on the journey of cultivating her purpose of creating the best positive impact she can, within and around her. Her big picture, she calls, one step at a time. She wants to spread kindness and compassion around the world and this is her primary motive to move further in this journey.


Nepal’s Anushka Shrestha on the road of winning Beauty with a Purpose in Miss World 2019


Anushka is a 23-year-old gleaming beauty who stands 167 cm tall and hails from Kathmandu. She is a commerce graduate, who worked at one of the biggest financial institutions in Australia - CBA (Commonwealth Bank of Australia). She graduated from the Australian Catholic University in Sydney with the Executive Dean’s commendation in 2017. This beauty enjoys public speaking, watching crime thrillers and television dramas.

The diva seems to be pretty confident for Miss World 2019, as she is preparing well for it. She is an optimistic and free-spirited diva who is all enthusiastic for the grand Miss World. With her experience and her well performances in the national pageants, the diva is definitely going to perform great in this international pageant.



Do you think Anushka Shrestha’s advocacies and her outstanding personality will take her further to win the grand Miss World 2019? Stay tuned with us and also share your thoughts about Anushka Shrestha Miss World Nepal 2019, in the comment sections below.