Katarina Rodriguez talks about her Beauty with a Purpose project after failing to win the title

04 Dec 2018 | Irina Silva

It was quite a sad day for the Filipinos as Miss World Philippines 2018 Katarina Rodriguez, one of the most sought-after candidates this year, did not make it to the Top 25 projects for Miss World 2018 Beauty with a Purpose. Even though the expectations from her have always been sky high, the diva issued a humble apology to all her fans who wished for her to get in the Top 30 through this round.

Just hours ago, Katarina took to her official social media and wrote her feelings in a post, “I wanted to say I am so sorry to all of the people who worked on this Beauty with a Purpose project with me. It may have been because of specific guidelines, which I was unfortunately unaware of, that I did not even cross for the top 20 BWAPs this year for Miss World.”


Katarina Rodriguez talks about her Beauty with a Purpose project after failing to win the title


The Filipina beauty also explained that out of everything that she has accomplished in the last 26 years of her life, her beauty with a purpose project has been the highlight of her life. She also said that no crown or title could come close to the purpose #ProjectBecome.

Katarina also talked about how she felt hurt that she could not qualify for BWAP more than anything that has hurt her in the past. She explained, “This is my whole heart. Everything I am has been put into this project and into this dream. I guarantee I will only ever speak and show the truth and this video does exactly that.”


Katarina Rodriguez talks about her Beauty with a Purpose project after failing to win the title


For her, to make the whole world understand what war does to humanity was the most important thing in the competition. She also issued an apology to the organization for not knowing about the set guidelines, “Miss World has guidelines and sadly, I had no briefing about them before creating my BWAP, other than the time limit. I owe an apology to Mrs Morley and the Miss World Organization as well for not having followed the set guidelines. I meant no disrespect and wish I had known. I also wanted to say thank you for generating this powerful channel for us to give our hearts to.”

Katarina went on to talk about how her project is a reality faced in Marawi, in Syria, in Myanmar, in Chile, India, Libya, South Africa, Palestine, Ecuador and in communities where discrimination against race, religion, gender and culture occur. It’s a reality in Where Peace lacks, everything else becomes present. The diva also mentioned how peace education is so important because it will teach the children and youth the differences between people and promote acceptance over exclusion. It’s a simple solution to war and violence and other stigmas Worldwide. Her BWAP focuses now on the community in Marawi, but her vision for the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement is Global.

Even though her fans were a little disappointed, nobody left a stone unturned to make her feel happy and encouraged to give her best performance and not be disheartened.