Katarina Rodriguez writes a heartfelt message to her fans

13 Dec 2018 | Irina Silva

Katarina Rodriguez was one of the most sought-after delegates of Miss World 2018 this year with people from all over the world rooting for her win. But her failure to earn a position in the Top 30 during the grand finale of one of the most prestigious and coveted pageants in the world broke many hearts and shattered many dreams.

Katarina performed well in the finale. She proceeded to the second round in the Head to Head Challenge and was also one of the Top 32 in the Top Model challenge, but unfortunately was unable to proceed any further into the competition.


Katarina Rodriguez writes a heartfelt message to her fans


Miss World 2018 saw its conclusion on 8th December 2018 and finally, Katarina left for home in the Philippines, yesterday. But before doing that, she shared a very heartfelt message with her fan and followers, telling them how her journey in Miss World has been life-changing.

Katarina took to her social media and said, “I arrived in China feeling like the weight of the world was on my shoulders and now I leave China feeling absolute freedom. I would not have changed a thing during my time in Miss World this past month. Despite not bringing home the blue crown, I did exactly what I wanted.”


Katarina Rodriguez writes a heartfelt message to her fans


The Filipino beauty then went on to say that she was feeling very proud to have introduced Project Become to the entire world along with the Teach Peace Build Peace Movement. Alas, the 26-year-old also added that it would be her last time representing her nation in a beauty pageant.

Katarina then went on to thank her family, friends, judges and her followers for all the support that she has received and thanked them for believing in her throughout her journey. She also advised her followed to not be sad about her defeat because she learnt a lot in the journey, more so what it meant to become a woman.

The humble beauty that Katarina is, ended her message saying, “Lastly to my home, my country, the Philippines. It is my greatest honour to hold the Miss World Philippines title during the time where we are the leading country in beauty pageants. I’ve been crowned just shy of 2 months now, so count on me to make my reign all that more interesting.”

Katarina will always have a very special space in the heart of her followers because, throughout her journey, she was perfect and stayed true to an essence.