Miss World Philippines 2021 National Costume Top 10 Favourites

03 Aug 2021 | Camilla Suarez

The Miss World Philippines organization will now be hosting the coronation ceremony for the national pageant on 8th August 2021. The decision of rescheduling the pageant from 25th July to this date was taken after stricter quarantine measures were imposed in the country's capital region.

Delegates from all over the country will compete for the national crown and an opportunity to represent Philippines at Miss World 2021 and many other international platforms. The 45 stunning divas have already begun competing various pre-pageant competitions, from which the top winners will automatically advance to the semifinals of Miss World Philippines 2021.

With less than a week away from the finale night, the organization has released the official National Costumes of the candidates. While all the queens carried some of the most astonishing and larger than life costumes, some beauties stood out amongst the others looking like goddesses with the most eye-catching and jaw dropping costumes.

So, without any further ado, here are our favourite Top 10 National Costumes for Miss World Philippines 2021 –

Ria Angelique Siozon

Wearing the ‘Ginto't Bulaklak’, designed by Zyrill Jane Jacinto, Ria looks divine. The gown was inspired by the Bulaklakan festival - believed to have originated in the beautiful province of Bulacan. Each colorful flowers were embellished to the bodice of the gown - a representation of the beauty and elegance of a true La Bulakenya.



Pauline Robles

Pauline Robles wearing ‘The Queen of Philippine flowers’ designed by Lanny Liwag. Known as the rarest, most beautiful and most expensive orchid in the country, this national costume is inspired by Waling- waling. A beautiful orchid that is endemic to the country.



Natasha Jung

Designed by Daniel Guarino, Natasha Jung donned the national costume, ‘Taklub’. Taklub, the origin of the name Tacloban, is Bamboo contraption for catching crab, shrimp and fish, used by the natives during the old times. A work of art with the outpouring support of the Tacloban City Tourism Office.



Ann Palamers

Ann Palamers wearing ‘The Original La Paz Batchoy’ national costume, designed by Paul Jerome ‘Tata’ Blas Pinuela. For many years now, there is a delicacy that captured the taste of the Filipinos, which is the The Original LaPaz Batchoy. A bowl of a delicious LaPaz Batchoy is not only a mirienda but also the journey of Ilonggo influences from the past to the present moulding them into creative, practical, fun loving and God fearing persons, truly a treat of Ilonggo’s trait, identity and heritage.



Maricollin Ramirez

Dee Jay Abustan designed this colorful costume donned by Maricollin representing Quezon province, the land of thousand colors. This National costume depicts one of the most famous and colorful harvest festival in the Philippines, the pride of our province, the Pahiyas Festival.



Kathleen Paton

This Maria Clara inspired costume, designed by Adriano Samar, is a tribute to Kathleen’s hometown Aklan. It is made of materials handcrafted by local artisans in Aklan, home to the Pin~a fabric and the most skilled weavers, the oldest industry in the province. The Raffia fiber crochet balls embellished on the skirt of this ensemble envisage the movements of revelry and conviviality of Ati-atihan, the mother of all Philippine festivals.



Ganiel Krishnan

Designed by Louis Pangilinan, this modern Filipin~ana, from the history capital of the Philippines, represents empowered women. Overdriving to come up with fresh ideas to make this national costume more exciting, this Filipin~ana was embellished with beads, crystals, sequins and synthetic ostrich feathers to emphasize the ‘Land of the Brave.’



Esel Ponce

Esel’s national costume, designed by Red Garson Sabalbro and Dan Joeric C. Bastasa, draws inspiration from the Iligan City's patron saint, Senior San Miguel. The archangel was believed to be the protector of the Iliganons especially during the wrath of Typhoon Sendong. The courage and heroism of Senior San Miguel is manifested in Esel's attire, bringing forth the tradition, culture, and beliefs of the tri-people in Iligan City.



Emmanuelle Vera

Geronie Labora’s masterpiece ‘Salve Regina’ (Hail Holy Queen) donned by the stunning Emmanuelle Vera. The costume is a tribute to Nuestra Señora La Virgen del Pilar. It is a Baroque art and Architecture meets Zamboangueña Alta Moda. Nuestra Señora del Pilar is the name given to the Blessed Virgin Mary in the context of the traditional belief that Mary, while living in Jerusalem, supernaturally appeared to the Apostle James the Greater in AD 40 while he was preaching in what is now Spain.Among Catholics, it is also considered the first Marian apparition, and unique because it happened while Mary was still living on Earth.



Samela Aubrey Godin

With inspiration from ‘Makapatag-Malaon’, a supreme Deity of pre-colonial Waray society, a Deity that is both a man and a woman simultaneously, this modern filipiñana is designed, by Jomar Peralta, with intricacy to pay homage to the Tahong Festival of Jiabong Samar by artistic use of tahong shells for the color palettes and as decorative materials. This national costume acknowledges the contribution of women in the society and a celebration of equality, tenacity, valor and resiliency of every women who always stands for beauty and purpose.