Kayla Tiongson emerging as the top-favourite debutante at Miss World Philippines 2022

13 May 2022 | Priya Bhardwaj

Miss World Philippines organization held the press presentation for the 2022 edition yesterday where the stunning delegates were presented to the media. While all the divas made quite a mark, there was one debutant who dazzled everyone with her stunning looks and charm.

Kayla Tiongson who is all set to mark a big pageant debut at the national competition, has impressed everyone with her mesmerizing smile and Batangas charm. Kayla is 22 years of age who is currently pursuing a Bachelors in Community Nutrition from University of the Philippines Diliman (2018-2023), running Magna Cum Laude.



Her notable achievements include conducting Nutrition Education Workshops for Incoming Pre-Medical Students (2022) and placing second in the Team Optimizing Optimism, during the Digital Hackathon based in Canada (2020).

Kayla is also a student leader of two organizations; AIESEC in UPDwhere she worked as a volunteer for Silid Kwentuhan (2021), as a product Marketing Head (2021), as a project Manager of the Street Smart Project (2020) and project Co-Creator of Silid Kwentuhan and the Street Smart Project (2020).

For Pre-Medical Honor Society, she works as a Finance & Marketing Liaison (2021 - Present) and workshops Head for the Layag: Pre-Medical Summit (2021 - 2022). 



Kayla’s advocacy is on Family Nutrition. Throughout the 3 years of studying nutrition, she has worked with Pregnant & Lactating Moms, Teen moms, at risk children, street children, orphans, and elders. “The people I have worked with is only few of the thousands of Filipino families struggling to find decent food. In fact, there are 25.5% of children who are undernourished. Hence, I would like to lend a hand in ensuring health of these families with nutrition education and parental support. It is not enough we give them food, instead we educate parents on meeting their nutritional needs. We agitate the public on the importance of defeating malnutrition.”

Through her efforts, she organizes together with these Filipino families & various institutions on providing food security for all. Kayla definitely knows what she is doing with her efforts in the right direction. She also stood out at the press presentation making herself a front-runner at the competition.