South Africa’s Sasha-Lee Oliver on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019

22 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Sasha-Lee Olivier was crowned Miss World South Africa 2019 at grand coronation night held in the month of August 2019, at the Sun Arena. She became the official representative of South Africa in Miss World 2019.

Sasha-Lee hails from Alberton, Johannesburg and is currently pursuing a double major in marketing and psychology at Wits. She enjoys fishing and is an art lover and can often be found in a gallery or museum. She's a proud Bey Hive member and loves cheesecake while binging on her favourite TV show, Big Bang Theory.


South Africa’s Sasha-Lee Oliver on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019


Sasha-Lee is a strong woman and her strength is reflected the most in her personality. The gorgeous diva talked about her advocacy, the Beauty with a purpose, in which she shared about her past experiences and how it affected her the most and how she wants to change everything now.

Sasha was sexually abused when she was just 7 years of age and it continued to happen till, she was 11 years of age. This broke her down totally, as there was no one to support her, comfort her or at least tell her that it wasn’t her fault. As strong as the diva is, she found her way out and came out of the darkness and the traumatic memories it left.

This platform has given her a great opportunity to speak up and share her life story with may young women out there and to be compassionate towards them and comfort them through her message. Her job is to liberate many women who are chained with shame, silence and fear. The diva chose to stand on the platform and tell her story.


South Africa’s Sasha-Lee Oliver on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019


She wants to be a voice for so many women and wants to bring the power and strength back to them. The diva is working with an organization named the Angel network, which supports many victims who’ve been through these attacks. Sasha is personally working there in support of all those women and also as her project called “ITS NOT YOUR FAULT”.

The purpose of the project is to spread the message and to comfort all those victims. The diva, through this project help the woman by raising funds in order to give some important materials to the women. They provide women with comfort packs, which gives basic hygiene products. They give them a teddy bear as well, and assuring the survivals that the attack is not their fault.


South Africa’s Sasha-Lee Oliver on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019


Sasha considers herself as a survivor because she made a commitment to herself and to all the women that has been through this, that to be on a platform like Miss South Africa. And later in Miss World, to speak about what it is that they go through and shine light on this matter because it’s something that is a silent killer. Through this project she is helping a lot of people out there and letting them know that it’s okay and it’s not their fault. She is not just a beauty diva but also a strong personality who can give a tough competition at Miss World 2019.

Isn’t it amazing to be strong and stand up for those who cannot speak? What do you think about Sasha’s ‘beauty with a purpose’ project? Share your thoughts with us about this strongest competitor Sasha-Lee Oliver from South Africa for Miss World 2019.