Thailand’s Narintorn Chadapattarawalrachoat on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019

22 Nov 2019 | Abigail Henry

Narintorn Chadapattarawalrachoat was crowned Miss Thailand World 2019 on 3rd August 2019, at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam’s Palladium Hall in Bangkok. She became the official representative of Thailand in Miss World 2019.

Miss Thailand World 2019 Narintorn, not only won the crown but also received the Beauty with a Purpose award. She took home one million Thai baht and a brand-new Hyundai IONIQ Electric. This diva is 21 years of age and is currently completing her senior year in the Faculty of Liberal Arts, Thammasart University, majoring in Psychology.

The gorgeous diva is not just stunningly beautiful but also is passionate and works dedicatedly on her ‘Beauty with a purpose’ project which she introduced as, “LET ME HEAR YOU”.



Thailand’s Narintorn Chadapattarawalrachoat on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019


Department of Mental Health and Miss Thailand World recruit young volunteers for good-listener network. The Department of Mental Health has launched a project to create a network of good-listener volunteers to help prevent suicide in Thai society.

Department of Mental Health ambassador Miss Thailand World 2019 Narinthorn Chadapattarawalrachoat participated in the Listen in a Garden seminar about suicide prevention using the heart-to-heart conversation approach. The diva also shared her experience with her Let Me Hear You project, which helped her win Miss Thailand World 2019’s Beauty with a Purpose contest. She also joined in a workshop to learn techniques on how to become a good listener from experts along with other 50 volunteers.

Director of the Department of Mental Health Dr. Kiatiphum Wongrajit presided over the launch of the Let Me Hear You project held at the Amari Watergate Hotel on 1 September 2019. He announced that the department had officially appointed Miss Narinthorn as its ambassador.


Thailand’s Narintorn Chadapattarawalrachoat on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019


Miss Thailand World 2019 will be working on activities to promote better understanding of mental health. Her first duty as the department’s ambassador is to promote Let Me Hear You, a project created to encourage people to be good listeners, especially to those who are close to them such as family members, friends or colleagues, in order to reduce suicide rates. Volunteers in the project will participate in a one week-long event called Street Side Listeners, where they will listen to those who are having tough times. Volunteers will also join ‘Heart with Ears’, an activity created for World Suicide Prevention Day event on 9th September.

The Director of Department of Mental Health gave three tips for being a good listener. They are: listen with your ears, your eyes and your heart. Listeners should not only listen to the story but also read the facial expressions and body language of the speaker and open their hearts to listen to hidden needs. He added that a good listener should open their heart to listen to the speaker without any prejudices, try to understand the main message of the conversation and the emotions of the speaker. They should not interrupt the conversation with personal comments, advice or stories, but rather create an atmosphere that encourages the speaker to comfortably reveal their hidden feelings such as sadness, anger, or distress. Listeners must keep the stories they’ve heard confidential unless it is a life-threatening matter. The listener can disclose it to relevant authorities or experts to provide further help. If possible, the listener should discuss with the speaker about disclosing the story to a third person. Lastly, the listener should not take the stories and emotions of the speakers too personally.


Thailand’s Narintorn Chadapattarawalrachoat on the road of winning BWAP in Miss World 2019


Miss World 2019 will be the 69th edition of the Miss World pageant. It will be held on December 14, 2019 at the ExCeL London in London, United Kingdom. Vanessa Ponce of Mexico will crown her successor at the end of the event

Isn’t it amazing to be strong and stand up for those who cannot speak? What do you think about Narintorn’s ‘beauty with a purpose’ project? Share your thoughts with us about this Thai beauty Narintorn Chadapattarawalrachoat Miss World Thailand 2019.