Tharina Botes to debut Thailand’s win at Miss World?

01 Mar 2024 | Priya Bhardwaj

The 71st edition of Miss World is currently ongoing in Mumbai, India where more than hundred delegates have been representing their countries to win the coveted Miss World crown. With the ongoing challenges and activities being held, a lot of contestants have come forward as front-runners for the competition.



Tharina Botes, representing Thailand, has emerged as one of the fan-favourites for the Miss World crown this year. If Tharina manages to win, she will pioneer Thailand’s win at the esteemed Miss World crown. Tharina’s journey towards Miss World has been inspiring to say the least; the Thai-South African beauty queen was already an established name in the pageantry world.

Tharina’s pageantry experience is extensive; she represented South Africa at Miss International 2016, she was Top 12 at Miss South Africa 2018, Top 10 at Miss Grand Thailand 2019, and first runner-up at Miss Universe Thailand 2021. Her pageant experience definitely gives her a strong footing at Miss World.



Tharina’s BWAP project is called ‘Good Guardians - The Uplifting Project’ through which she has helped the needy people by feeding families and providing school scholarships for children. Tharina is also an ambassador for the food rescue foundation Scholars of Sustenance (SOS) which rescues and redistributes nutritious surplus food to vulnerable communities. She placed in the Top 25 in the Head-to-Head Challenge where she presented her project.



Ever since her arrival in Miss World, Tharina has impressed everyone with her strong communication skills, her incredible fashion game and the drive to bring a positive change in the world through her actions. She is, in all essence, a true Miss World beauty queen and if she wins, Tharina will surely be a strong example for all the women in the world.