Best Dressed beauty queens of the week

03 Mar 2018 | Camilla Suarez

Fashion is something our beauty queens don’t take lightly. They never let it interffere with their work, but, they surely make sure their look is on fleek every time they go out to have some fun. Now the best part with some of these looks are, you can always recreate them. They are, sometimes purely basic.

The aura of these ladies only adds to the outfit, and they turn out looking like a dream. To look perfect on a runway is easy, but the streets are much more demanding, and when you’re under the scrutiny of the media all day every day, it becomes even harder to make every outfit turn out perfectly. But these ladies have learned the art of loving themselves, and that is why we love almost every time they step out the door.

The way they carry themselves, however, make the look even more desirable.

Here are the ladies that dressed the best this year.

Miss (USA) Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo



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Going to Paris and packing her best outfits for every moment of here stay is exactly what one expects from Culpo. She knows what to wear when exactly, and that has made the beauty a style icon. Culpo wore a red trench coat, that could’ve just looked like a raincoat but, on her, it works. The white accents, like her huge bag, and the greek fisherman cap, were definitely a plus.

Did someone notice those pointy shoes? Love!

Miss Universe Philippines 2017 Rachel Peters



Rachel caught our attention on a normal stroll in the city of bataan. She stopped by a coconut water cart, and the setup couldn’t be more perfect for this ultra-casual super chic click. Rachel wore a sage green round neck top, that sat snuggly on her bodice. The beauty queen paired it with a pair of cute floral embroidered shorts that perfectly summed up the casual-chic look with the shades.

And that half bun though, all the rage!

Miss Earth (Ecuador) 2016 Katherine Espín



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Katherine dressed up in, probably, her fiercest avatar up till today. She chose all black for a night out. What workd for her, however, was the fit and the style of her outfit. She wore a jumpsuit that was cut off in the middle of her waist by a belt. Her hair went sleek back, and she wore a black smokey eye with an extended liner. Her accent pieces were her silver hoop earrings and a cluster of bracelets.

Hoop earrings for days, no?

Miss (Spain) World 2015 Mireia Lalaguna



New week with @munne1941 ???? Linda semana a todos ??

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Mireia went more towards fast fashion, and chose brands like Gucci and Zara to bring together a look that was perfect for a winter day. She chose a crepe coloured fuzzy sweater with blue toned flowers embroidered onto it. She paired it with a high ankle jeans, and black faux fur top loafers. Her accent piece was a Gucci sling. She kept her hair down to add to the girl next door charm for her look.

A snitched pair of jeans elevate every outfit.

Miss World (Jamaica) Caribbean 2017 Solange Sinclair



Solange had a road trip to take, always on the move this one. But, the beauty decided to go with a bodycon dress rather than a pair of comfy jeans and a top. And how do we love her choice! Solange’s bodycon was complete with lace sleeves that we definitely fell in love with. The look of the bodycon was ethnic more than western, which was just perfect for the place she had to be at, Indonesia.

New favourite, lace sleeves!

Which of these looks would you love to recreate?