Oxana Rivera inspires with her story at the press presentation of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021

22 Jul 2021 | Priya Bhardwaj

The official Press Presentation of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021 was held yesterday where twenty seven stunning delegates were presented to the media after the cancellation of 2020 edition due to covid-19 pandemic. The finale is all set to be held on 30th September 2021 at the Centro de Bellas Artes de Santurce while the preliminary competition, where the 15 semi-finalists will be selected, will be held on 26th September 2021 at 8:00 a.m. pm from the Tapia Theater.

The beauties celebrated their lives at the presentation and shared their inspiring stories with the media. One of them was Dorado's representative, Oxana Rivera who is 27 years of age. Although Rivera was born in Russia, the young woman arrived with her twin brother in Puerto Rico when she was just 13 years old, after a Puerto Rican couple adopted them.



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She talked about the time when her biological father died and her mother did not have the resources to take care of her or her brother, for which she gave them to an orphanage where they were from five to 13 years old before they were adopted. Oxana is fluent in Spanish, English and Russian.

She said, “When I arrived in Puerto Rico I arrived at my house and here we are. For this reason, I consider myself to be Puerto Rican because even though I was born in Russia, I grew up in a Puerto Rican family with Puerto Rican parents, so all the values ??that I have learned are from here.”



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Oxana Rivera pointed out that what motivated her to participate in this edition was precisely to carry the message that "no matter where you come from, the most important thing is where you are going. I never thought I was going to be successful because of all the life situations that came my way, but I want to let people know that it is possible”, she added.

At the press presentation, the candidates for Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2021 were presented by the animator Jaime Mayol and symbolically crowned by Estefanía Soto Torres with a crown of leaves. The representatives of this edition paraded for the first time before the public with different dresses of fuchsia and violet tones and each one mentioned a cause which they embrace.