Vanessa Tevi’s kind gesture to the newly crowned Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach won hearts

02 Jan 2016 | Angelopedia

When the whole Miss Universe 2015 fiasco happened on December 20’ 2015, the contestants of Miss Universe 2015 were seen divided into two groups. While, many rushed towards Miss Colombia to comfort her, ignoring the newly crowned Miss Universe, Miss Malaysia’s gracious gesture towards Pia won many hearts.

Vanessa Tevi, the reigning Miss Universe Malaysia, was seen approaching Pia who was already in shock because of the wrong crowning. She went to Pia and warmly congratulated her, paving the way for other contestants who followed suit. Vanesa’s kind gesture didn’t go unnoticed, and fans from all over the globe expressed their approval of Vanessa’s graciousness by posting favourable comments on the Miss Universe Malaysia Official Facebook Page.

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Miss Malaysia Vanessa Tevi’s kind gesture to the newly crowned Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach won hearts


The comments were especially by the Filipinas who were touched by Vanessa’s support to their fellow countryman.

"Thank you Miss Malaysia... You were the first of all candidates to run to Miss Philippines when this whole fiasco came about. You kissed and hugged Pia like a sister genuinely happy. That shows the heart of a confidently beautiful woman. #ASEAN beauties unite! Shout out to Miss Universe Myanmar too who did the same. Much love from Filipino fans," praised Sammy D Kaw on Facebook.

"I love the way Miss Malaysia approach to Pia. Eventhough she did not include in the top 15 but still in our hearts she is one," Marybeth Centinales commented.

"I love Miss Malaysia, she supported Philippines, even do its hard to understand what is going on, its not her fault," Doras Heart RodLomboy wrote.

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“That was such a touching gesture. I hope to see you in Malaysia when I visit there someday,” added Judy Tolentino Pazon.

Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach, later made a statement to the media where she expressed her grief over Miss Colombia’s dethronement. "I'm very sorry, I did not take the crown from her and I wish her well in whatever she wants to pursue after this pageant," she said.