Priya Bagga to fulfill her childhood wish and empower women as she joins Miss Universe Great Britain 2020

10 Aug 2020 | Priya Bhardwaj

Priya Bagga, a lawyer and model with Stanley Models, is all set to compete at Miss Universe Great Britain 2020. The national organisation is the official preliminary to send a representative of Great Britain to compete at Miss Universe 2020.

Priya believes that law is the driving force in the aid for positive change as she plans to use her knowledge in law to make fundamental changes in the society, one of which is trying to break the cycle of child poverty around the world. Priya is extremely passionate about this cause as she believes every child and adult deserves to be given an opportunity to change their life for the better. “I want to help those who really need it”, she says.



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Priya has set up an instagram page called @shinebright.project aimed at individuals who want to break the cycle they are in by providing them with advice. “Along with this i am always happy for anyone in this situation to message me from that page if they wish to just even talk to someone”, she also mentioned in an interview with us.

Priya is also a major advocate for female empowerment as she often likes to discuss successful women in law who have made a difference. Another passion of hers is charitable work as she has ran many fundraisers and marathons in order to raise money for numerous charities. “This something I like to do in my spare time. I am currently doing a fund raiser for Asisterhood which is situated around females around the world”, she quotes.

Priya is also not new to the pageant world as she took home the title of Miss Eco Huddersfield 2015 and later won Miss Asian Face of England 2018 and Miss Asiana 2018.



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On why she wanted to enter the national competition, she said, “I wanted to enter Miss Universe Great Britain as I believe this is a great platform. Winning is both an honor and responsibly. I want to set an example to all young girls who have been told in the past that they are not good enough, or that they can not do something, to show them that they can do it, that they are capable and that they are as much as entitled to achieve their goals and dreams like everyone else.”

Priya wants young girls who feel like they don't fit in the world to know that they do matter and that they can achieve so much. “I have always wanted to go to Miss Universe since being a little girl, it's something that means so much to me for so many reasons”, she concluded. Priya will definitely be a strong contender at the national contest this year.